Are you marketing on Facebook and other social sites?

If so, you might want to rethink your strategy. Here’s why.

Your prospects may not be interested in finding offers on social networks.

While people certainly join Facebook fan pages and follow on Twitter those “brands” they’re interested in, recent research shows consumers find email a more palatable marketing platform for reading and hearing about sales offers.

Today (21st April 2011) eMarketer reported that “Many web users like heading to Facebook for discounts, but some research suggests emails may be preferred—and more effective”.

Here’s results from a recent study from ForeSee Results:

Talking about their preferred social media sites for retail marketing messages, nearly half (47%) US online shoppers refused to choose one at all. Among the rest, Facebook was a clear favourite (40%).

HOWEVER – here’s the REAL DEAL why you shouldn’t be marketing on Facebook …

The survey also confirmed earlier research showing EMAIL still drives more shopping and purchasing than social media. More people subscribe to email lists than follow ‘brands’ on social sites.

The primary purpose of communication and entertainment for most people is keeping in touch with family and friends photos, videos and birthday reminders, and playing games.

With this in mind, a Facebook FAN PAGE is the way to go marketing on Facebook, so you not only promote your brand and your offer, but you can build a whole LIST via an opt-in and drive this using email marketing.

So the key lesson here:

Your marketing on Facebook and Twitter can be useful for alerting folks to your sales offers, but the detail should come to them via email.

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