top income earner secretsIf you’re looking to increase home business profits, here’s my top income earner secrets of all time.

Of all the things I’ve found with people I coach (and I’d include some of my team members in that) is they lack the self-belief, consistent daily disciplines needed to succeed, something just doesn’t connect.

In contrast, top income earner secrets are not really secrets. There’ s no magic button – success is rooted in knowing who you are, what you stand for, and believing in what’s possible.

“If we did all the things we were capable of, we‘d literally astonish ourselves.”  Thomas Edison

This is a major reason why I added a rock solid personal education product to my business portfolio, because this is what I was finding people in network marketing & affiliate marketing were most lacking. So if you’re struggling to take your home business to the next level, there are no real top income earner secrets, no special marketing strategies or tools you haven’t yet found or bought.

I guarantee YOU are the reason. Most people never reach their true potential, because they’re too busy blaming everyone and everything else.

That sense of higher purpose drives everything you do, you can’t fake it, you have to become absolutely rock solid aware of it and live by it.

This is what’s REQUIRED to be truly successful.

Here’s two clear examples.

First, personal awareness is totally necessary if you are going to really brand yourself and leverage ‘attaction marketing’ in all its fine glory. It’s also critical to standing out as a leader. People buy more on emotional connection than product features or even benefits. So you have to share something of yourself and for that you have to be at one with who you are and be willing to work on your personal value to inspire, teach and help others.

Second, integrating lifestyle with running your business and living in the moment is what helps others see what is possible through your vision, leadership and demonstration. We all need role models who we resonate with at different times in our life and in our business growth. So focus on enjoying and sharing journey, not just the destination. Get good at the PROCESS of your business, not only on the numbers or outcomes – the results will come from that.

Do either of those two top income earner “secrets” ring true for you?

How are YOU working on those?

I’ve been super excited by my decision to align myself with Avant, and I’m finding so many other people for whom this makes total sense.

Finally, worlds collide … I’m a professional developer/biologist/educationalist by previous career, and an online marketer & business coach in my current career as an entrepreneur. So it’s great to see these past and present worlds come together in a new membership site I’m creating – heck, I might even call it Top Income Earner Secrets.

My vision is to create  an environment of personal learning and capacity building, to encapsulate the kinds of alignment of opportunities into one holistic smorgasbord.

Anyone can join, come in and browse, interact, review and ‘find’ their own portfolio that fits with who they are and what they are passionate and purposeful about. From there, you put together your own business plan and we help you with the marketing.

I’d just love to have your views on whether this would be of value and how you see that working best.

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