Hi, I’m Jay Allyson – quick hello to everyone and welcome. This is my official website and home to the iSuccess Business Academy, which is the education arm of my consulting business, Belanda Consulting.

Short bio & entrepreneur journey – including the EE and pointer to the book.

Why join the iSuccess Business Academy

Everyone has acquired knowledge, skills and expertise over their professional careers and life pursuits that other people can benefit from. Some of the most successful business men and women I know are “heart-centred” entrepreneurs who like nothing more than being of service. So why not take your consulting skills and expertise in your field to create education driven marketing and education-based products capable of taking your business to a whole new level of influence, impact and income.

I believe that as a professional – consultant, coach, designer, therapist and the like – who provides a premium service in your industry, you are amazingly awesome at what you do, even if it doesn’t always feel that way when you’re struggling to win the business in an ever-competitive market place for your type of services.

Being an expert and having a system for how you help your clients makes you super primed to influence and impact the world on a bigger scale than trading time for money working one-on-one and face-to-one with a small number of clients. The iSuccess programme supports a business model and marketing strategy that can transform your small business into a global enterprise.

A lot of experts run on standard practice, methodologies, tacit knowledge and subject specialisms. With iSuccess, we help you turn that into core signature programme you can offer to your ideal audience. You’ll work through our modules to get clear on your driving purpose behind what you do, your unique value proposition, your expert system and your distinctive style and brand. From there, you’ll be guided to create a magnetic offer and develop the course itself, delivered online or in a blended programme of support.

Because we know the entrepreneurial journey can be long, frustrating and challenging. With so much information and overwhelm on digital marketing, you long for someone to help you gain the clarity, direction and confidence you need to succeed. In iSuccess, we uniquely combine e-learning with 1-2-1 virtual mentoring to give you personal support to achieve your true potential.