Hello there! I’m Jay Allyson – I help self-employed service professionals to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of owning your own business by helping them to clarify what they do, position, brand & price themselves effectively in the market place, plan out a digital roadmap and implement a leveraged & sustainable business strategy.

I work with consultants, coaches, therapists, designers and other experts – individuals and small firms – who have a vision and ambition to grow & scale their current practice, but are unsure of best steps to take.

If you want to learn more about my own vision, strategy and insights for success, it’s all in my book “The Educational EntrepreneurThe New Rules for Success in Marketing, Delivering and Growing a Professional Services Business.

There’s absolutely no reason you should stay stuck trading time for money, spinning your wheels on brand messaging or overwhelmed with online marketing. If you’re fed up of courses that do not move you forward towards your business vision, then you need a programme that shows you how to recognised your own worth and claim your success.

I uniquely combine three vital ingredients for getting results for my clients: business mentoringmarketing education and a high level of one-to-one brainstorming. I’m chuffed that clients have described my masterclasses + coaching approach as insightful, flexible, motivating and resuilts-driven. That’s because as a professional, expert and entrepreneur myself, I’m committed to helping others achieve their greatest success!

About iSuccess

Our online courses and mentoring programmes are designed to move your forward as a strategic entrepreneur. We help you understand and make decisions about what business models and marketing approaches suit your vision and values as a service provider. We’re big believers in telling not selling and more importantly, teaching not preaching. We help you to gain insights, new perspectives so you can find your own inspired path and get the support you need to implement solutions to increasing your reach and your revenue.

I established the iSuccess Business Academy programmes around the diagnostic system I use to support my clients with typical business growth challenges, including help with:

  • professional brand identity
  • attracting ideal clients
  • scalable business models
  • positioning & pricing strategies
  • streamlining, automating and delegating
  • marketing funnels & systems
  • creating online products & programmes.

How I work with you

Our 7 Dimensions of Success diagnostic helps you first to identify your priority areas for change so that you can get clear on your best moves for taking your business to the next level.

Next, I work with you in “hybrid” mode as a coach-consultant & educator so you get exactly what you need when you need it to achieve your true potential as a strategic entrepreneur.

By background, I’ve worked in higher and further education designing and delivering innovative curriculum programmes and developing teachers in their use of e-learning. So I’m really keen to practice what I preach about good learning design, how people improve performance and the role of mentoring and communities of practice.

Read on to find out more about what you’ll gain when you join iSuccess.

Dedicated to your success!

Jay Allyson

 Dr Jacqueline Allyson Dempster, BSc Hons (Aston), PhD (York), PGCE (Warwick), FHEA, CMALT, ABM, FIOEE

Why join iSuccess

I believe that as a professional – consultant, coach, designer, therapist and other expert – who provides a premium service in your industry, you are amazingly awesome at what you do, even if it doesn’t always feel that way when you’re struggling to win clients and grow your business in what seems like an ever-competitive market place.

Some of the most successful business men and women I know are “heart-centred” entrepreneurs who like nothing more than using their expertise to be of service to others. While you may work in the passion zone, many expert consultants and transformational coaches don’t always work in the profit zone and that can feel very frustrating when you know people really need what you do. On top of that, often many of us have this feeling of being unworthy – some call an “imposter syndrome” where we think we just got lucky, others do it better, and we fail to acknowledge our unique value and the outcomes we help people to achieve.

I’m pretty sure whatever you’ve experienced along these lines, so I have too – that’s why I totally understand the highs & lows and the need to just get clear on what you need to do – at iSuccess we’re about mindset first, tactics second. With so much information and overwhelm on digital marketing, you long for someone to help you gain the clarity, direction and confidence you need to succeed – so we focus on strategy, skills, structure + support.

Because I know the entrepreneurial journey can be long, frustrating and challenging, I’m dedicated to supporting your inspired path. Our iSuccess education is uniquely designed to combine online learning with 1-2-1 mentoring and gives you a level of personal support you don’t usually get with other online courses. This means you make tangible gains: move ideas forward, get things done and make real strides to achieve your vision.

The iSuccess programmes

The programmes are designed to complement where you are in your mindset, marketng and money goals. In Foundations, I take you step-by-step  through: (1) the foundational principles of the success mindset, (2) business strategy and leveraged models, and (3) building your marketing architecture.

There are three phases for how we support your business growth – click the + button to open up an outline.


The iSuccess Foundations course is run as a masterclass. It’s a critical first step on the journey we’ll take together where we explore and challenge perspectives on the principles for success as a strategic entrepreneur.

Our Clarity and Leverage programmes (which include Foundations) take a deeper dive into the why, what and how to grow & scale a business and we use worksheets and action planning to help you implement what you’re learning.

You’ll first get super clear on the driving purpose behind what you do, consider your personal business objectives, current expertise & known obstacles, work on your unique value proposition, your expert system and the distinctive style & personality behind your business brand.

From there, you’ll be guided to understanding ways to build out your marketing funnel that engages, educates and enrols your target audience, what’s involved in packaging your expertise into an online educational product, workshop or service.

Once you have the pieces in place, we show you the operating processes and tools you need to systematise your marketing and scale up your business.

You walk away with clear objectives and roadmap for how you want to grow your business.


Clarity has five modules focused on getting you crystal clear on your business identity and offer – including your brand messaging and how you deliver your products and services.

When you set up your own consulting or coaching type business or make a transition in your area of expertise, it can be hard to pin down who you are and what you do.

Everyone acquires a whole array of knowledge and capabilities over their professional careers and life experience and we may feel our expertise is fragmented or needs a label in order to market effectively to the specific audience we wish to serve.

Clarity is therefore important, it’s phase 1. The first module deals with some key principles for success and a fair bit of soul searching can be involved. This isn’t hocus pocus stuff, it’s super important to have done this introspection before moving towards the next modules.

The later modules are action-packed, helping you to (re)align your purpose and expertise with your ideal clients, map out exactly what you can/will deliver, research profitable target markets, establish how you can best position yourself as an expert, and from there supporting you to really hone in on what is your core business.

You’ll finish with a coherent picture of your professional identity and clear brand messaging for your websites, products and services.


Leverage modules are all about building a leveraged strategy – your business objectives, understanding different business models, creating systems and implementing scalable operational processes.

Leverage is definitely a phase 2 plan of action – it’s for people who already have clarity or who have worked through the Clarity programme. There’s not much to gain from implementing automated marketing systems if what you’re systematising and scaling isn’t clear!

Having a “system” for how you help your clients clears the runway for you to drive forward your vision for growth. You’ll learn how to deliver your expertise in different ways so that you can acheive greater reach and revenue.

When you combine automated marketing that is value-driven on the front-end with packaged products, programmes and services on the back-end, you have a streamlined process for engaging, educating and enrolling a consistent flow of leads, prospects and customers. Your one-to-one and face-to-face client work should be the premium-end of what you do.

A lot of experts run their practice using standard methodologies as well as tacit knowledge and unique specialisms. With iSuccess, we help you to identify your distinctive consulting or coaching approach and turn it into a learning design and core “signature” programme, from which you can create multiple offers to serve your target market and increase your impact and profitability.