003  Leveraging Professional Relationships – Interview with Andy Lopata

leveraging professional relationships interview with andy lopata
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Professional relationships underpin so much in terms of business and career success. Our contacts and networks can provide us with insights, support, advocacy and opportunities. Yet so many people just add connections, be it business cards or social media without really focusing on how to build, nurture or leverage their relationships effectively.

I’m joined this week by the lovely Andy Lopata, a fellow podcaster, author and speaker, who is one of Europe’s leading authorities on connected leadership and leveraging professional networks, building relationships that count.

In this episode, we discuss just how much relationships matter and how to make them work brilliantly for you in your business. Tune in as we unravel some of the layers that can really make a difference to your business – not just the quantity of your connections, but more importantly the quality and reciprocity of them. Plus, hear Andy’s very pragmatic response to my final “superpower” question for creating leverage in your business. 

leveraging your networks