057 Leveraging the Power of Creative Problem Solving and Collaboration to Improve Business Results PART 1 of 2

Interview with Janice Francisco

Teamwork that Supports Innovation

Janice Francisco BridgePoint Effect interview for the Leveraged Business Podcast
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Are you frustrated working with VAs or employees or associates, because you know your team could be stronger by leveraging everyone’s knowledge to innovate and achieve more?

Great team results start with you, yet leaders shouldn’t have to feel frustrated and alone in a complex business environment. If you want to generate better business results whilst navigating change and uncertainty, this interview will set you off the right direction.

In this two-part interview, I’m joined by the fabulous Janice Francisco, founder, CEO and Principal Consultant of BridgePoint Effect, a Canadian-based boutique consulting firm with a bold vision to transform the way leaders and their teams collaborate, innovate, and deliver outstanding business results. 

Janice works with frustrated leaders who know their teams can achieve more. After working with over 500 teams she knows that what initially looks like a change or innovation issue is really a collaboration problem. She helps company directors, business owners, executive leaders, and their teams to tap the power of a deliberately creative process to identify the problem-solving innovations.

Janice has an MSc in Creativity and Change Leadership and works as a Trainer, Facilitator and Executive Coach. She invented the ThinkUP Framework™ so that leaders would love leadership again. It offers a practical toolkit and high calibre coaching that gives them the structure, skills and support needed to build an effective team. 

In the interview, Janice shares:

  • Why people have difficulty working together
  • Why we struggle to achieve what we’re collectively capable of
  • How what looks like a change or innovation issue initially is really a collaboration problem
  • Ways to help you work differently so your team works differently.
creativity and collaboration to improve teamwork productivity and innovation
how to generate better business results while navigating change and uncertainty

Resources and support:

Free WEBINAR: How to Generate Better Business Results While Navigating Change and Uncertainty

  • Mindset Reveal Online — discover what makes you more – or less – effective as a leader and contributor…so that you can enhance your ability to drive team collaboration, stimulate productive innovation, and develop better solutions to complex business challenges — all in a 2-hour online workshop!
  • Free 7-Day Creativity Challenge — 7 daily micro-lessons with a creative challenge helps you quickly learn new skills and jumpstart creative thinking
  • The FourSight Thinking System supporting the people side of innovation and change
  • Free consult for organizational leads

Connect with Janice: