Ep38 Leveraging Your Value Proposition to Attract More Clients – Part 1 Creating Visible Value in the Marketplace

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All businesses have some kind of value proposition – a clear statement that communicates the benefit of what you do and why a customer would choose your product or service over someone else’s. Every value proposition should speak to a customer’s need or problem and make the case for your company as the solution.

A great value proposition may highlight what makes you different from competitors, but it should always focus on how your ideal customers define your value. Sadly, many businesses do not have unique, visible or properly leveraged value proposition.

As a consultant or coach, I’m sure you offer immense value in the knowledge, skills, experience you can use to help your clients. If you often ask yourself why you can’t get more clients and get paid what you’re worth, this two-part series will help you understand how to clarify, package and leverage your value proposition.

I’ll be talking through how to position your business and articulate your offer so your ideal clients see the value in what you do. We look at the important of visibility and differentiation in the marketplace. And we cover the difference between perceived value of what you contribute and the ‘value for money’ in your offer as it relates to pricing your products, programmes or services.

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Jay’s book ‘Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age