EPISODE 66 – Leveraged Living: the Pursuit of Happiness, Balance and Success in Business

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In this episode, we’re switching from tactics to strategics, from ‘how-to’ to ‘why-do’. Helping people move their business to an online environment and creating hybrid offers has brought a lot of freedom. We look at the big picture of why leverage is so intertwined with how we balance our work and life, and our achievement of success in business – what I call “leveraged living”. 

Switching from ‘how-to’ tactics to ‘why-do’ strategics, we pick up some of the philosophies and principles explored in the entrepreneurial wellbeing and success mindset themes of various other episodes.

There’s certainly a few digital transformations that might otherwise have been put off until later if not indefinitely. Working remotely has enabled us as individuals too, with many people feeling they’ve moved to a better work-life balance, what I call ‘leveraged living’ – away from the 9-5 “nose-to-the grindstone” Monday to Friday. It’s brought more flexibility to interweave work, family and friends, hobbies and leisure pursuits.

This concept of “Leveraged Living is the preface for my book “Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age” and provides the name for our Facebook group The Leveraged Living Club. And the reason you want to join the club, well I’ll share that as we go through our 30 minutes together in this episode!

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • Why Leveraging is So Vital to Service Business Growth
  • How Leveraged Living Fits into the Business Roadmap
  • Understanding the Mindset, Marketing and Money Model Equation
  • What Makes Leveraged Consulting or Coaching Different
  • Origins of the Leveraged Business in My Life and Career
  • Leveraging Your Story to Find Your Niche
  • Leveraging Your Expert System to Help Others
  • What Does “Leveraging Living” and True Freedom Mean To You?




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