If you’re struggling with your service business marketing, not attracting the clients you want, then time to look for support.

While we can have wonderful lofty goals of building a business totally aligned with our inner purpose, serving people we feel called and able to help, business is business and you’re here to make money too.

The number one reason most service businesses struggle to earn the income they desire is their marketing sucks! Bitter truth pill, but it’s true nonetheless.

Either their marketing message isn’t clear or their marketing system isn’t … well systematised. Taken together, this means struggling businesses are always on the back foot reliant on paid advertising with little consistent or predictable return on investment.

It’s a fact that with service business marketing, the size of your contact list will determine your income. This is very sobering and food for thought in terms of getting the right support for developing a powerful marketing function for your business.

Yet it’s as much about quality as quantity of your contact list, aka leads or prospects. When you learn to focus on your ideal clients, identify their most pressing problems and offer your unique solution, it’s a win-win in terms of service business marketing success in winning business.

Your purpose and profits are aligned, your market is targeted and your expertise is well positioned.

This is the ideal basis for creating an attractive brand and magnetically drawing your perfect clients to you, those you can help, those who want to work with you and those who pay you what you’re worth.

So how do you get to this level of clarity for your service business marketing?

service business marketing support strategiesThis introduces you to the iSuccess approach to creating the fundamental building blocks for you to increase the clarity and focus around your service business marketing goals.

iSuccess provides your with a structured step-by-step process and powerful success coaching so you can map the areas you need to prioritise to maximise your results and increase profits.

If you have professional expertise you want to turn into a viable service or retail business and make money doing what you love…. iSuccess … is for you.

iSuccess is a comprehensive programme that can put you on a fast track to turning your service business into a high growth enterprise, locally or globally.

If you’re looking to grow and scale an existing service-based practice into a sustainable and successful lifestyle business…. iSuccess takes you by the hand.

At whatever time you decide to start a business, it’s likely the notion of a better lifestyle or income is a driving factor. Those in business will tell you, years down the line running a business comes with many challenges and obstacles that will undoubtedly distract or divert you from your original vision. While your goals are not set in stone, the route and pace to achieving success may shift and it’s tough doing it on your own.

If you own or manage a service-focused business where you trade time for money, and it just isn’t running as you would like, then my iSuccess strategy may be the answer to accelerating your growth.

Using tangible insights and actions around service business marketing that enable you to understand and break through current barriers and common frustrations, the programme impacts your income fast.

I’m opening up an opportunity to work with me directly using the iSuccess Business Growth System™ in a very ‘up-close-and-personal’ small group setting where you can work intensively on your service business marketing strategy and get stuff done!

One day VIP intensive workshop – details & bookings at http://isuccessclientmagnet.eventbrite.co.uk

This is not a training day, it’s a WORK-shop!

I work with ambitous service professionals and forward thinking SMEs who want to get more clients, leverage their time & expertise and/or reach more people in a way that increases the impact, influence and income they achieve from their service business marketing.

Join me for a full day intensive ‘VIP’ workshop aimed at improving the impact of your service business marketing.

New Business Evaluation Diagnostic Support Packages Help Boost the Impact & Success of Small Businesses

If you’re starting a business or struggling to achieve success with a small business, it could be worth investing in a business evaluation diagnostic!

My Business Evaluation packages help people realign their mindset, marketing and money elements in a way that improves the likelihood of achieving their business vision.

Each package offers an insightful, evidence based business evaluation diagnostic , which is designed to support a business owner’s needs in terms of  the stage, preferred way of working with a consultant/mentor and timescale for achieving results in starting, growing and scaling their business.

I launched these business evaluation diagnostic support programmes last year and have been so happy to see entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs getting on a healthy route to greater impact, influence and income from their business.

In particular, the Business Impact Booster programme is designed to help small business owners who are struggling in business to get the solutions they need, whether it’s kicking off ideas, researching their best niche, gaining traction in the market, attracting the perfect clients/customers, growing or scaling the business operation.

Over the years, building and running my own successful businesses and supporting hundreds of small business owner/managers and solo professionals, I have a canny knack for identifying the deal breakers and success makers in terms of tangible and feasible solutions to common problems throughout each stage of business growth.

Now my “signature” programme for executive clients, the iSuccess Business Growth SystemTM is providing both the guidance and practical support small businesses need to start, survive and thrive as strategic entrepreneurs.

By integrating business mentoring & professional coaching with project planning & implementation support, the business evaluation diagnostic helps small business owner/managers get expert input for identifying the key factors and barriers holding back their potential to grow. Alongside practical support for implementing changes and improvements, this support is what SMEs desperately lack in most other business mentoring relationships.

My Business Impact Booster programme is both a diagnostic and transformative experience, tackling mindset, marketing and money matters. You benefit from working closely with me in a mentoring and development capacity.

“The Business Impact Booster programme is not for the faint-hearted! It’s bootcamp for strategic entrepreneurs, designed for you to step up to the next level – your business is really taken through its paces!”

“Analysis of your business vision, goals, processes, challenges is done using Jay’s insightful consulting and wheel of success where you can almost SEE where your problem areas are.”

All my business evaluation packages include access to my proprietary business growth system, comprising 7 critical levers for achieving success. Consultation occurs through a series of probing questions, which help identify the root causes of  challenges or issues for your business, from which we select potentially useful strategies and tactics you can implement right away that will have most impact on you growing a purposeful, profitable & scalable business.

From this vantage point, with the benefit of an objective ‘critical friend’ alongside you, a business evaluation diagnostic will identify the priority areas for getting you back on track and create a manageable business growth plan we work on together.

business evaluation diagnostic supportIf you want to book a business evaluation diagnostic, contact me on my Belanda Consulting website or come along to a one day intensive iSuccess VIP workshop.


As an established business mentor, I was recently asked for my views on how SMEs find a good business mentor and what can be done to make the range of mentoring services available to UK businesses more transparent. The contention may well be the swell of business advisers and mentors in the industry (who like me may also go by the title business consultants and success coaches).

The colleague who is researching this issue has had numerous conversations with business owners frustrated when searching for a suitable mentor. There is also a swell on discussion on the professional network, LinkedIn, that also shows that mentors are frustrated too. Many are dismayed with the expectation that their service is being promoted as free and that the government’s Growth Voucher scheme is only benefiting a handful of business advisers.

Associations to go to to Find A Good Business Mentor

In my experience, there are three ‘recognised’ routes to direct businesses to mentors who are accredited & experienced:

1. Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurship (IOEE) and their MentorMe accredited association.
2. Association for Business Mentors (ABM)
3. SFEDI Start Up Loans allocate new businesses a mentor for the first two years (usually the business adviser who brings the client to the scheme, but you can only work with SFEDI if you are vetted).

There are also schemes within organisations, such as GrowthAccelerator’s High Growth Coaches, Prince’s Trust who train mentors to serve their specific clients, and local schemes (e.g. I’m a community coach with ThinkLeicestershire who provide training to help businesses solve problems and accelerate change).

find a good business mentor via the association of business mentors

If you’re trying to find a business mentor, the Association of Business Mentors (of which I’m a member) exists for the sole purpose of helping you understand why you need one, how to find accredited business mentors and how to choose one that’s right for you & your business.


Following the Bread Trail to Find a Good Business Mentor

The key message here is to select one who is close to your sector, proven experience, accredited/recognised in the profession (not just a business adviser or consultant, but has actual coaching/mentoring training/skills). This is exactly the ABM mission. The other side of the solution lies in better marketing.

In my view, finding a mentor is like shopping for bread (to use a metaphor as all good mentors do!) Here you decide you need bread, and probably know you want brown or white or if it’s a loaf or rolls you’re after, maybe even if it’s sliced. If you’ re already sold on the idea you like & want bread, you will buy a brand you know, like or trust (e.g. Warburton’s or Waitrose – cf. the verified, accredited/recognised quality stamp that a long-standing organisation provides).

But if you’ve never had bread before, you may first need educating as to the benefits, what & where to look, try it out, and how to choose. Going back to mentoring, this is best done through various means: websites, events, info leaflets, radio etc.

Businesses need to understand that to find a good business mentor, they may need to talk to a few different mentors as an initial ‘free’ session to determine if (paid) mentoring can help, how much for how long, and if a particular mentor is a good fit for you (as a business and as a person).

Find a good business mentor with a free ‘strategy’ session with myself and review if our courses & mentoring plans are right for you.

– mentor for professional development for small business owners

Dr Jay Allyson Dempster – business mentor

In terms of professional development for small business owners, learning is an essential activity for growth and success long term.

Standing still or working in a vacuum is not a good strategy for any business. Professional development for small business owners helps avoid complacency and stagnation and is critical to long term business success.

Whether you’re in start up or growth, low tech or high tech innovation, professional development for small business owners means finding good opportunities for learning and committing to engagement in a community of practice.

And you don’t have to be Apple or Virgin to tap into the flood of ideas and inspiration that’s out there all around you.

With a little structure and discipline for managing information overload, it’s yours for the taking.

In a world where time is money, it’s easy to sacrifice your own professional development to other ‘pressing’ matters. But here’s a classic example of (re) prioritising things to do that are not urgent but highly important.

Below are 5 practical ways to take control by putting aside a small amount of time per day, per week and per month to professional development for small business owners. The results can make all the difference to your next big leap.

#1 -  Immerse yourself in ideas Twitter, LinkedIn and  online networks offer sources of inspiration right on your doorstep (or rather your smart phone or tablet!). Using a simple filter, just 15 minutes a day reading thought provoking reflections via tweets, posts or articles can highlight opportunities to learn something new to catching sight of practical development strategies you can apply to your business.

#2 -  Mastermind with experts Business networks and social media are great ways to follow your passion and exchange ideas with like-minded people. This in turn will help you to differentiate yourself and your business in an increasingly busy and competitive market. Rather than ending up as a bunch of notes and papers that ‘might be useful’ but are easily lost or forgotten, successful business owners are working with an experienced business mentor who can assist you to apply what you learn in a structured and results-driven manner

#3 -  Get involved Attending events and getting involved in locally organised gatherings of people can be truly inspirational and an opportunity to cultivate relationships and find solutions to common challenges. Events require a commitment so here you’ll find people who seriously want to share what they are doing and learn about what makes a difference to them in business and education.

#4 -  Take a course While there are masses of ways to develop knowledge and skills online and in day-to-day networking, going on a workshop or attending a conference can help cement other informal learning. Again, working with a business trainer can also help structure your learning and even gain you a qualification (if desired).

#5 -  Give a talk Presenting and teaching others is a great way to develop your own learning, build your reputation as a leader and expert, and gain valuable feedback from your communities of practice.

For more information about professional development for small business owners, contact Jay at Belanda Consulting.


Consulting Coaching Business ModelConsultancy coaching business models are the way to go

If you are struggling in a network marketing or affiliate marketing business, how about stepping back and reverse engineering to drive product sales through a consultancy coaching business model based on your own unique value to the market place.

Today I’m putting together the next mini-book in my Business Impact Booster series available on Amazon, based around my personal branding training.

One of the reasons I’m successful in my consulting coaching business model is because people trust me. I’m an expert in what I do, and I’ve worked hard to know my stuff and develop a gift for helping others be more effective in their business.

The book is the 4th in this series and I’ll probably need to reorder the volumes when I put together my first ‘real’ book next year … so excited about that!

Even though this is a mini-book and you’ll read it in 30 minutes max, the reason this will help you and really have an impact on your business success is because the market is changing and it’s very different to when I started back in 2004 and online since 2010.

There are more than ever now major challenges today in differentiating yourself from the masses of ‘gurus’ in any given niche, in getting people’s attention, reaching the right people and leveraging your time and energy.

The market place is getting saturated with info products!

If you don’t have your one-to-one expert business nailed, it’s nigh on impossible to have a one-to-many strategy that doesn’t require huge amounts of time, money and effort with more to manage.

This is why I teach the consultancy coaching business model to my own clients – success coaching works!

You build right, you build fast and you get all the pieces in place you need to leverage and sustain a business long term.

What would you REALLY like to be able to ask someone that ….

– already has a successful one-to-one consulting and coaching business that delivers results to her clients

– understands really well how to align your inner core purpose, existing values & expertise with helping others

– understands that people are tired of yet another info product, tool, course or membership programmes (and some don’t even open, start or finish these!)

– that they crave quality, authenticity, integrity you get from a personal connection & results-driven coaching service;

– knows how to market your business *magnetically* (including online & offline) regardless of having a ‘big list’

– is making a tonne of money doing it herself and willing to share her inside edge strategies with you for more profits in your business.

Working with a mentor is so important.

I’ve personally been working with Kristin at KSM International to streamline my own consultancy coaching business model.

Whether your relatively new in business, have struggled for years or are already have some success and want more, leave me a comment, I’d LOVE to share what I know in my book rather than have you all try to figure this all out on your own.

What do you currently need to help you establish a strong consulting coaching business model?


Visalus income opportunity ukHere’s some REAL revenue data about the Visalus Income Opportunity UK that you won’t find in any press release.

The massive growth of Visalus and Body By Vi Challenge business model to date has been due entirely to focusing aggressively on getting results for the customer – I love that!

The number of customers per promoter is UP 22%, which means every active promoters gets 22% growth in their customer acquisition – surely that tells you about demand and market responsiveness. (Hint: yes, it sure does!)

Here’s the DATA about the Visalus’s business growth, showing the power of the Visalus business opportunity UK and how to sky rocket your Body By Vi revenue per active promoter.

The business growth measurements show the new business model is set to repeat the previous massive growth!

With success coaching and marketing support for all my team members in Visalus income opportunity UK  you can ride the wave as part of this historical moment in the company.

If you want to know when is the time to strike, to learn about business growth curves, here’s what happens next, here comes the second run … let’s kick this out of the ball park whilst helping people here.

Watch this short video as Visalus co-founder Nick Sarnicola explains this business cycles phenomenon – you’re either going to watch us, doubt us, or join us for explosive  UK growth:-)

Join/ Promote the Body By Vi Challenge

with Visalus income opportunity UK

Being a professional development coach, I have such an appetite for success habits!

success habits stephen covey 8th habitI’ve recently been reading Stephen Covey’s 8th Habit of Highly Successful People and I found it to be a great paradigm to help people to focus on their main emotional-driven goals.I’ve blogged about this before as part of cool prospecting techniques, in terms  of connecting with the emotional end benefits of your target market.

Covey divides up the nature of human beings into four dimensions: BODY, MIND, HEART & SPIRIT

Put another way, there are four Ls you can develop goals and success habits around, whether it’s for your business or your life.

  • to live (survive/thrive in the world)

  • to learn (grow, develop ourselves)

  • to love (connect & nurture through relationships with others)

  • to leave a legacy (meaning & contribution)

If you are struggling to earn what you are worth, you may find it useful to build up a personal profile of these emotional end benefits, to identify and release your true nature and special gifts, then put these success habits to work to manifest your wildest dreams.

If you want to take developing success habits to a professional level, I highly recommend taking a personal challenge, a self-awareness adventure, a fitness and health check. I’ve been using personal development with my coaching students for over a year now, but it starts with getting your body in shape, then your mindset shifts up a few gears!

Click below for more details and to order.

Elevate Yourself through The Challenge

Foundation to Developing Success Habits


best company to succeed with a home businessTo  succeed with a home business, you need to go beyond what everyone else is doing.

There is a movement happening in North America and it’s coming to the UK. A record breaking successful US-based company is launching in the UK and it’s going to be huge.

This is a great business opportunity for people who don’t do business opportunities (or have become jaded with the whole network marketing industry and I hear you on that!)

This one is for the masses, and is a model that allows anyone to succeed with a home business. It’s driven by common sense – it provides the challenge we need, the drive we miss and the results we desire.

I’m fired up about this, because it’s going to help so many people in so many ways. Being invited to create the leadership foundations for this company in Europe, I just returned from an incredible UK influencer summit.

This is big – I was excited to say the least. But what’s interesting about this opportunity is not that I get in early, and have a few months ahead of the herd, but that I get in and get going.

In traditional network marketing (MLM),

it’s only about 3% who are ever going to get involved.

The other 97% think the 3% are all mad!

But when I meet a person who is fed up with their life, because they hate their job, hate their pay check, hate their boss, hate the commute (add your own) – well, you do have to ask yourself a serious question:

What will it take for me to change it?

And the answer is that it takes a single decision. To do it.

You’re either serious or you’re not. You’re either in or you’re out. You have to show up. You have to go for it.

To succeed with a home business, it will take focus and energy, probably all you’ve got, not 50% not 90%.

You don’t have incredible success with anything by not giving it 100%. As all great mentors of mine have reminded me on occasion, you’re either playing full on or you’re making excuses.

If you want to succeed in a home business, you need to go beyond what everyone else is doing. You also need to make a decision and go for it full on. Learn more by filling out the form below.

If you want to succeed with a home business – it’s simple – start, show up, commit, work hard, enjoy the fruits of your labour.


boost your business with positive body image marketingDid you know you can boost your business using a more positive body image?

Positive body image marketing is a growing trend among advertisers and marketers alike, because the successful ones know the importance to boost your business brand and turnover.

People prefer to buy from positive people who look like they are fit, healthy and enjoying life.

It’s less about how ‘beautiful’ you are and more about how you present the emotional benefits your target audience is looking for.

This is something I’ve blogged about in the past, talking about Cool Prospecting Techniques to boost your business.

If you can align how you project your image with your business products or services, it is likely to have big impact on your bottom line.

Attracting marketing has always been the mainstay of my business strategy, particularly in network marketing side of what I do.

But I also teach that same personal branding to local businesses, because body image is very important in most industries for customer acquisition and customer retention.

You have to invest a little time to re-frame your overall image, and body image is a big part of that if you want to boost your business.

I suggest you give yourself a challenge – take a look at what you are sending out to your clients both face to face, walk-through customers and online in your pictures, banners and narratives.

Click here to boost your business with my free Business Health Check & THRIVE Survey


Working with the Best Personal Development Courses

best personal development courses

What if working with the best personal development courses makes ALL the difference in your home business?

Would you invest in yourzself that way?

Are you a home business owner aspiring for massive success, just starting out or struggling to get into gear? Well, either way, I totally recommend you experience the power of personal development – I blogged about this several months ago.

My top recommended course is the Elevate program, now part of my primary business – REWW – and one of the best personal development courses I’ve ever had the fortune to buy and implement.

I’ve been working with Elevate for over a year now and seen big results with so many individuals. It’s an easy to follow, interactive, self-improvement product (audio & work book) promoting activities for reflection and practice.

In my experience, it is one of the best personal development courses, because I know of no other single program that has had such TANGIBLE results for people.

Shifting your thinking and mindset can be one of the greatest life changers, because with the personal awareness you gain, you will go on to achieve incredible success and take opportunities with confidence and commitment.

But you need to commit to it, work through it and implement the techniques. I remember a little joke where there’s a guy walking round with his cello a bit lost and asks for directions – “Do you know how to get to Carnegie Hall?” and the old man smiles and answers “Practice, practice, practice!

If you would like to learn more about Elevate, click here.

Best Personal Development Courses

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