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What’s your Vision?


Are you just setting up your own business as an independent, self-employed consultant or coach or other expert service provider, and you’re looking for guidance on digital marketing for consultants, so that you can start on the right foundations, attract and win clients and gain momentum fast?

FOUNDATIONS is the place for you.


Are you already in business yet doing too many diverse things for different clients, you want more clarity on your professional identity & core business, so you can create a clear & cohesive brand message, create a leveraged business plan and position yourself better in the marketplace?

CLARITY is your starting point.


Are you looking to move beyond trading time for money with face-to-face, one-to-one client work and want business growth strategies to create digital products & programmes that help you build additional revenue and take your business to the next level?

LEVERAGE is where you need to focus.

Get the Insights, Invigoration & Implementation Support You Need to Succeed

The iSuccess Business Academy exists to help you as a professional expert find & follow your own inspired path to building a business that is on-purpose, in-service, on-message and on-the-money. We provide the education and support you need to achieve the influence, impact and income you want from your business, so you can achieve personal, professional and financial success and live a life of true freedom.

iSuccess is designed to move you forward as a strategic entrepreneur – the emphasis being on strategic marketing for business growth.

  • We love strategy – when you’re clear on strategy, you can build anything.
  • We take a holistic approach to business “architecture” – looking at the inner foundations, the design elements & the operational elements.
  • We want you to feel the joy of knowing who you are & who you’re meant to serve – some people have lost that and feel alone & confused.
  • We want you to build a business golden-threaded with all the richness of your unique vision, personality & attributes!

Through the iSuccess Business Academy, I’m excited to provide an environment where you can hone in on your individual core values & what drives you to do what you do, where you can develop your business skills, understand how internet marketing can work best for you, overcome internal blocks and really fly high.

With the right insights for your strategy, mentoring for your decision points and support to implement your plan, I know you’re going to come up with right model, platforms and style of business for you – how to get what you want and want what you get – that’s iSuccess!

In today’s world of ubiquitous information, it’s vital you have access to an effective blend of educational, emotional and practical support so you can journey at the pace you want from where you are now to where you want to be. With iSuccess, you will be able to identify and improve the critical elements of your business that lead to building a value-driven, digitally smart, sustainable & profitable enterprise.

The iSuccess curriculum is designed around your specific professional, personal and business development needs and the critical success factors in strategic marketing for business growth.

iSuccess membership provides access to focused e-learning with optional levels of individual one-to-one mentoring plus the support of a community of practice – a group of like-minded business owners committed to pushing their businesses forward – everything you need to succeed.

Book a Discovery Session with Jay

This 30-minute session is complimentary and completely without obligation. Together, we work out the key dimensions of your strategy and/or sales process that are the likely bottleneck for growth in your business. And from there, we can figure out what kind of support available in the iSuccess Business Academy best suits your time, pace & budget. Our membership and mentoring pricing is transparent and totally flexible 🙂

What People are Saying …

 “It’s hugely liberating to have someone to talk to who knows how to help you detangle the mass of spaghetti in your head so that you can stop spinning ideas round & round, get clear on your best strategy and develop a tangible action plan to take forward.”

Jay has been instrumental in identifying a number of operational improvements and business growth opportunities across the three sides of our business. She guided us through a complete strategic review and helped us create a digital roadmap for our next two planning cycles.

This has resulted in a more simplified and structured marketing process, improved our customer engagement and follow up and upped the sales performance of our core programme.

Increasing our know-how as well as our profits, that is the best evidence of a successful mentor.

Sharmin Coaching

I came away from the session with huge insight and clarity. I’m already coming up with inspired ideas to improve my business. Thank you very much Jay, I’d definitely recommend you!
Marléne Rose Shaw

Qualified Counsellor & Therapist, Life in Wisdom

 “Thanks for helping us to start the new year with a clearer set of messages and benefits for key stakeholders. We appreciate all your thoughts and recommendations. It’s really valuable to have this objective view on the materials on the website and a fresh perspective for the internal processes supporting our service sign ups.”

Sarah Knight

Head of Change, Digital Insights Services, Jisc

“You definitely have a great methodology to a problem that is central to people who take the self employment route.  I have seen a lot of “solutions” but yours seemed more workable than most.”

Caro Crawford

CEO, Momentum Counts

Thank you so much, I really enjoyed the session and learned a lot. Your questions and insights were very helpful to me. Can’t wait to see how your course evolves.

Rebecca Cuevas

Education Consultant, CEO, Learn and Get Smarter Inc.

iSuccess Business Academy membership is opening soon ... so exciting!

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