Business Tools

business tools for digital entrepreneurship for professional service business

These are the business tools I use in my own business so that I can create processes, leverage systems and save time …


Mailerlitemy email and CRM marketing platform of choice – and I’ve tried most other popular ones and this is the most intuitive if you want audience segmentation and multiple lead magnets.

GoDaddyto host all my websites and buy my domains through, really great help resources and accessible customer support via chat & email

Thinkific and Ruzuku to host our courses, products and membership content

Zoom – my go-to webinar and video meetings application, runs live sessions, can upload locally or on the cloud in your account, and records for replays

Fathom – invaluable AI app that integrates with Zoom and Teams; records, transcribes, highlights, and summarises your meetings so you can focus on the conversation. All instantly available once your meeting ends – love this tool!

Acuity Scheduling – my calendar / appointment software of choice – it integrates brilliantly with Zoom and Paypal 

Planable – my social media posts organiser / scheduler

Interactto create questionnaires, application forms and surveys.

Canva – easily create beautiful designs using templates & graphics/photos

Audacity – audio editing software to record live audio, edit sound files and mix / modify recordings and Descript to transcribe voice memos, audio & video recordings. Perfect for creating a transcript from client meetings, interviews, podcasts and webinar trainings

MindMeisterto create mindmaps and outlines of your future courses

GroupFunnelshelps collect FB group responses and email addresses

Upwork – not really a ‘tool’ per se, my preferred choice for outsourcing to specialist freelancers (e.g. graphic design, SEO, formatting, VA work) or for just about anything

FB / Linkedin groups – again, not a tool as such, but great places to find collaborative partners who have expertise or skills you can leverage for your own business or as guest content. Join a few relevant groups and put out a request for recommendations.  


Some of the above are affiliate links where I earn a small credit for sharing.