Business Tools

business tools for digital entrepreneurship for professional service business

These are the business tools I use in my own business so that I can create processes, leverage systems and save time …


Mailerlitemy email and CRM marketing platform of choice.

GoDaddyto host all my websites and buy my domains through.

Thinkific and Ruzuku to host our courses, products and membership content.

Zoom – my go-to webinar and video meetings application, runs live sessions and records for replays

Acuityscheduling – my calendar / appointment software of choice – it integrates brilliantly with Zoom and Paypal 

Planable – my social media posts organiser / scheduler

Interactto create questionnaires, application forms and surveys.

Canva – easily create beautiful designs using templates & graphics/photos.

Audacity – audio editing software to record live audio, edit sound files and mix / modify recordings. and Descript to transcribe voice memos, audio & video recordings. Perfect for creating a transcript from client meetings, interviews, podcasts and webinar trainings.

MindMeisterto create mindmaps and outlines of your future courses.

GroupFunnelshelps collect FB group responses and email addresses.

Upwork – not really a ‘tool’ per se, my preferred choice for outsourcing to specialist freelancers (e.g. graphic design, SEO, formatting, VA work) or for just about anything.

FB / Linkedin groups – again, not a tool as such, but great places to find collaborative partners who have expertise or skills you can leverage for your own business or as guest content. Join a few relevant groups and put out a request for recommendations.  



More resources and business tools inside the iSuccess membership.


Some of the above are affiliate links where I earn a small credit for sharing.