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How do I Create a Brand, Get Clients, Earn My Worth, Work Productively, Avoid Burnout, Deliver Differently, Grow to the Next Level?

From start up to scaling up, these are just some of the big questions we dive into on The Leveraged Business podcast – all about smart moves for mindset, marketing and money success in building your consulting, coaching or other expert services business.

If you’re a consultant, coach or other expert practitioner stuck in the highs and lows of client work, trading time for money and experiencing the revenue rollercoaster in your business, and you want insights and inspiration on how to earn more, work less and grow faster, then the Leveraged Business podcast is for you.

Join me, Jay Allyson, author of Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age and founder of the iSuccess Business Academy, and some awesome guests, as we share insights on how to start, survive and thrive in the digital marketplace, creating leverage in your business so you can build, market, grow and scale without drama, stress or overwhelm to achieve true freedom and independent success working smarter not harder.

To continue the conversation and be part of the leveraged business online community, join us in The Leveraged Living Club – a private, free group on FacebookTo get more support with creating independent success in the digital age, check out Jay’s book and iSuccess Business Academy including the Leveraged Business Accelerator program.

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Podcast Episodes + Show Notes

NEXT EPISODE   Friday 19 July 2024

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LATEST EPISODE  Friday 5 July 2024

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the path to joyful living with the joy test creator laura hess
113 Rising Resilient series – Finding your Joyful State to Build Resilience in Your Encore Years with Laura Hess

Laura Hess is a master coach who guides women over 59 through their encore years, guiding them to embrace this vibrant phase of life with joy and purpose. Drawing on her extensive experience and renowned publication The Joy Test, Laura offers practical tips and transformative strategies to help women redefine their post-career lives, ensuring that every day is filled with fulfilment and happiness. Who doesn’t want that?!

Building Healthy Habits that Stick for Vitality and Entrepreneurial Resilience with Annika Ek
112 Rising Resilient series – Building Sticky Habits for Vitality, Health and Entrepreneurial Resilience with Annika Ek

In this podcast interview, we explore holistic health with Annika Ek, an Evolutionary Nutritionist who combines ancient wellness practices with modern strategies to help women seamlessly integrate self-care. Annika shares her personal journey and professional insights on anti-inflammatory living, providing valuable tips for thriving in both personal and professional realms.

flexibility, adaptability, and spirituality in entrepreneurship
111 Rising Resilient series – Embracing Flexibility, Adaptability and Spirituality for Entrepreneurial Resilience with Leah Grant

Join us as we delve into the heart of spirituality in entrepreneurial resilience, featuring the insightful Leah Grant. You’re in for a treat as Leah uncovers both practical and mystical approaches to tackling the challenges of both life and business. Learn how to identify the warning signs of burnout, and the importance of self-care and support systems to maintain business momentum and personal health.

podcast interview life changes and emotional balance in business irma jennings
110 Rising Resilient series – Navigating Life Changes, Women’s Health and Emotional Balance in Business with Irma Jennings

For our 9th instalment in the Rising Resilient series, we have the delightful Irma Jennings, aka “The Bone Lady,” who discusses her role as a patient navigator and coach for women faced with a diagnosis of osteoporosis. Irma shares insights from her transition from Wall Street to health advocacy, emphasizing resilience, trusted networks, and tips for well-being. Her strategies for overcoming business and life stresses offer valuable lessons in courage and emotional balance.

harnessing inner strength, vitality and balance in business with jo hafey

109 Rising Resilient series – Harnessing Inner Strength for Vitality & Balance in Business Interview with Jo Hafey

Tune in to this enlightening interview with Jo Hafey, an expert in traditional Chinese medicine, yoga and wellness, as she shares a treasure trove of strategies that empower entrepreneurs to thrive amidst adversity. Whether you’re dealing with business obstacles or personal setbacks, this episode will inspire you to transform challenges into opportunities with grace, grit, and a deep sense of self-awareness.

executive leadership resilience habits to manage stress and overwhelm in business podcast interview with barbara walsh

108 Rising Resilient series – Interview with Barbara Walsh on Executive Resilience Habits

In this episode, we engage with Barbara Walsh, co-founder of SupraLimina and an authority in executive transition coaching, who brings her rich experience from Southern Africa to the forefront of the UK’s leadership development sector. Renowned for her white paper, “Mind the Gap”, Barbara offers seasoned advice for executives and business owners on building resilient leadership habits to manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Tune in to this enlightening interview that harmoniously blends personal tales with profound professional insights.

developing conscious self management skills for leadership and success

107 Rising Resilient series – Interview with Lily Woi on Conscious Self-Management

Tune into our rising resilient series guest today, Lily Woi, whose calm, confident resilience, and understanding of how to build it for yourself and your clients, shines through. In this interview, she shares her approach and techniques to help you shift emotional states and behaviours, unlock your potential, and develop as a courageous leader in your business.

Rising Resilient Series Guest Mia Sindolic on Developing Intuitive Communication, Compassion and a Culture of Adventure

106 Rising Resilient series – Intuitive Communication – Interview with Mia Sindolic

My guest for the Rising Resilient Series today is Mia Sindolic, who has mastered the art of self-compassion in her entrepreneurial success journey, staying ahead in the fast-paced digital world to build a coaching business that seeks to break the curse of isolation and stress that health professionals face. She helps them with communication that takes them from chaos to calm, based on an intuitive and science-backed strategy that empowers client relationships and resilience.

managing traumatic stress through emotional resilience mastery

105 Rising Resilient series – Managing Traumatic Stress – Interview with Emotional Mastery Leader Margo Mansfield

Guest interview with Margo Mansfield, creator of Emotional Mastery for executive leaders, dedicated to bringing about transformation by helping people discover the secrets of becoming “secure under stress” in ways that they never understood was possible. Grab yourself Margo’s free Mindful Mastery video training, available on the shownotes page.

achieve career goals with linda lalicata

104 Rising Resilient series – How to Use Positive Psychology to Build Self-Confidence and Achieve Career Goals – interview with Life Coach Linda Lalicata

As entrepreneurs, we’re highly driven, we’re committed to the impact that we have, we push ourselves. In this episode, and 3rd interview in our Rising Resilient series, I spoke with life coach Linda Lalicata on spotting the signs that your life or career isn’t where you want it to be, and getting the right support and accountability to work on the kind of personal growth and self-confidence that builds our resilience.

courage and self belief as tools for building resilience
103 Rising Resilient – Guest Interview – The Power of Courage and Self-Belief

My second guest for this special podcast series Rising Resilient is Melanie Hussell sharing her personal journey and how courage and self-belief are not only her own tools and what she helps instil in her clients too.

interview with carmen morrison on the neuroscience of resilience

102 Rising Resilient – Guest Interview – The Resilience Brain Reset

My first guest for this special podcast series Rising Resilient is Dr. Carmen Morrison talking about the neuroscience of resilience and accessing your brain’s built-in capability to handle challenging situations. Tune in to hear her incredible insights on coping and empowerment. She talks about resilience in a way you might never have thought about before!

rising resilient and building entrepreneurial resilience
101 Rising Resilient – Principles & Practices for Building Entrepreneurial Resilience

Today, we kick off an exciting new series for 2024, titled “Rising Resilient.” In this first episode, I’m delving deep into the multifaceted nature of resilience and its critical role in entrepreneurship. And I’ll be introducing you to my amazing clients, an inspiring group of women entrepreneurs who will be my guests on the show over the next few months … I’m thrilled to be sharing their insights and experiences with you through this series.

leveraging entrepreneurial resilience

100 Rising Resilient – Leveraging Success in Entrepreneurial Resilience – 3 year anniversary celebration

It’s the 100th episode and three-year anniversary of the show! And to celebrate, I’ve been collaborating with a whole group of strong women entrepreneurs to put together a fantastic new series dedicated to one of the key cornerstones of success in business – RESILIENCE.  In today’s episode, I set the scene for what entrepreneurial resilience means, what our guest contributors will be sharing about how to develop resilient practices that fuel and sustain your business success.



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leveraged business podcast rising resilient series 2024
rising resilient podcast series for leveraged business growth
future proof online courses that sell and create online ai courses that sell

099 Survive and Thrive in the Age of AI – PART 3 Future Proof Online Courses That Sell Using Transformational Learning Designs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the very foundations of education. You can future proof your online courses profitability with learning designs that deliver a valuable transformation combined with the boundless potential of AI, especially generative AI tools like ChatGPT and customer-centric feedback and automation. I’m here to guide you through this digital journey so you can position your offerings in a distinctive way to gain competitive advantage in the age of AI.

The AI Advantage,

098 Survive and Thrive in the Age of AI – PART 2 Using AI Tools to Boost Sales and Revenue

Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, understanding the disruptive technologies of Artificial Intelligence and generative AI tools like ChatGPT and how they are infiltrating our world, is crucial for staying competitive in today’s market. In this second part of 3, we unravel the transformative potential of AI in reshaping the way we market, sell, and engage with customers. Chance too to grab an early peek at my forthcoming book, The AI Advantage.

small business use cases for ai for leveraging chatgpt in business

097 Survive and Thrive in the Age of AI – PART 1 Opportunities, Limitations and Business Use Cases for AI and ChatGPT

First of a three part mini-series on leveraging AI for business productivity and growth, where I share my leveraged business perspective on all things AI and how to use tools like ChatGPT to get more done in less time without necessarily outsourcing or hiring anyone. We’ll unravel the multifaceted world of AI applications, from customer service chatbots to data-driven marketing strategies. Then in parts 2 and 3 we’ll tackle more specifically the risks and returns of particular tools like ChatGPT to help you write content, copy and course materials. 

Harmonising Content and Copy to Drive Sales Across the Customer Journey

096 How to Harmonise Content and Copy to Drive Sales Across the Customer Journey

When you’re looking at how to harmonise content and copy in your marketing, have you ever really thought about the job each is doing to drive sales across the customer journey? Defining the purpose, audience and occasion for everything you communicate is super powerful for connecting with your target audience and building trust.

seasonal living strategies to cope with end of summer blues

095 Ten Seasonal Living Strategies to Cope with End of Summer Blues

If you’re feeling the end-of-summer blues, here’s an impromptu episode with a checklist of strategies you can use to transition smoothly and joyfully into the new season. Plus a 5 element personal archetypes quiz and recommendation for how to embrace seasonal living to feel good all year round.

best content planning practices to increase SEO, drive organic traffic and generate targeted leads
094 Elevate Your Content Marketing

PART 2 Best Content Planning Practices that Increase SEO, Drive Organic Traffic & Generate Targeted Leads

In this second episode focusing on strategic content marketing, we explore ways to elevate your content performance, moving onto the heavy lifting part, and that’s to create your content marketing plan for fast content creation.

customer centric content marketing strategy
093 Elevate Your Content Marketing

PART 1 Creating a Customer-Centric Content Marketing Strategy to Generate High Quality Leads for Your Business

This episode, part 1 of a two-part training is all about being strategic about content marketing, so you’re creating content that drives engagement, lead generation and sales for your business, not just churning out content in the hope it gets attention and generates leads.

improve marketing success with customer centric content planning

092 Leveraging the Power of an Ideal Client Avatar

PART 3 Using an Avatar for Customer Centric Content & Copy that Converts

In this final part 3 of 3, we turn to using your ideal customer avatar (ICA) work to inform your content strategy and create customer centric content and copy. With an avatar-driven sales process, what you write and say is much more likely to hit the bull’s eye of your target market. This can truly transform your conversion success so you get higher click throughs and call bookings, and you’re able to generate clients on demand.

create a buyer persona with this ica exercise

091 Leveraging the Power of an Ideal Client Avatar

PART 2 How to Create Your Buyer Persona (with Free Exercise & ICA Worksheet)

In this second part of 3 focusing on harnessing the power of an ideal client avatar, we turn to practicalities. I’ll be guiding you through step-by-step to go from fuzzy to fabulous, so you can workshop your way to creating a buyer persona for your ideal customer blueprint. Free downloadable ICA worksheet available in the show notes.

what is an ICA and best ways of defining your ideal client avatar

090 Leveraging the Power of an Ideal Client Avatar

PART 1 What is an ICA and Why You Need to Define Your Ideal Customer

Getting super clear on your ideal client avatar will drive every aspect of your business and enable you to communicate your message and offer with total ease and authenticity. In this episode, part 1 of 3, we’ll look at the principles, benefits and process that helps you avoid the common misconceptions and traps business owners can often fall into with ideal client avatar work.

tech tools to manage email and social media overwhelm and distractions

089 Managing Distractions to Boost Business Productivity

PART 2 Nifty Tech Tools to Manage Email and Social Media Overwhelm

If you truly want to get your most productive work done in less time and with less dings pulling you away from what matters, it is possible. The second part of 2, in this episode we cover steps 4 and 5 where I’m sharing some super useful tech tools to manage email and social media overwhelm, plus a free cool downloadable workbook.

Managing Distractions to Boost Business Productivity in the Workplace

088 Managing Distractions to Boost Business Productivity

PART 1 Why Most Entrepreneurs Struggle with Distraction (And How to Fix Your Schedule and Space So You’re One that Doesn’t)

Learn a step-by-step process for minimising or eliminating the distractions in your workday, so you can finally complete your deepest, most meaningful work with less stress, in less time. By the time we’re done, you’ll know exactly how to stop getting stuck in unproductive habits, and start getting more deep work done, faster.

Mastering discovery calls, work with jay allyson

087 Mastering Discovery Calls

Sales Strategies for Effective Conversations that Increase Client Conversions

If you’re looking to improve sales conversions for your consulting, coaching or training business, in today’s episode we’ll discuss one of the most crucial aspects of client conversion – the discovery session. We’ll explore effective strategies to pre-qualify potential clients, speak with confidence, understand your value, and ask for the sale.

product launch strategy for successful product launches

086 From Idea to Product Launch Success

Part 2 – The 10 Essential Steps for Successful Product Launches

In this second part, I’ll walk you through 10 essential steps to successful product launches. From identifying your target audience to encouraging and motivating those helping you, these steps will help you create a solid foundation for your product launch strategy.

4 Product Launch Strategies You Can Create and Implement Fast for Product Launch Success

085 From Idea to Product Launch Success

Part 1 – The 4 Launch Types that Help You Build Momentum and Muscle for Launching

Launching a new product can be an exciting, yet challenging experience, and you’re going to need a product launch strategy. In this episode, I’ll be walking you through four types of launch and talking about general good practice, my experiences of launching, supporting launches and being a participant in a launch. 

identifying the right business support for strategic growth

084 Decoding the Consulting vs. Coach Dilemma

Part 2 Identifying Business Support for Strategic Growth

In  a sea of professional identities where there’s tremendous variation in skills, experience and practice, that brings ambiguity and no ‘one-size-fits-all’, how do you perceive the different roles and value when you’re looking for who to work with? Do you look for a coach or a consultant? Are you looking for a thought partner or accountability buddy? This is what we explore in the second part of our consultant vs. coach dilemma topic.

consultant vs coach dilemma for professional identity in business

083 Decoding the Consulting vs. Coach Dilemma

Part 1 What to Call Yourself & Why it Matters

In  this episode, we will think through the main differences are between consulting and coaching, what exactly is behind the consultant vs. coach dilemma, and why it matters to you and your business. You’ll learn four key practices you can use in your client relationship that can enable you to move seamlessly between roles when working with a client.

selling to c-suite executives for successful b2b sales selling into organisations and mastering the discovery call to increase sales conversions

082 Connecting with the C-Suite and Selling into Organisations: A 10-Step Strategic Approach

Connecting with C-suite executives and selling into organisations can be a challenging task. It requires a strategic approach with multiple steps that most business owners don’t have the time or patience for. In this episode, we will explore ten steps as key levers for success in connecting with C-suite executives and selling into organisations.

Revenue Rollercoaster in Business, and How To Ride It to Consistent Client Flow

081 From the Revenue Rollercoaster to Consistent Client Flow in Your Business

If you haven’t got dependable, manageable and consistent client flow, you may be stuck on the revenue rollercoaster. In this episode, I take you through one of three scenarios, what you need to focus on to improve business growth and how to achieve success.

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