Episode 084
Decoding the Consultant vs Coach Dilemma –
Part 2: Identifying Your Business Support for Strategic Growth

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Identifying the right business support for your strategic growth needs is crucial to achieve a good return on your investment of time, energy and money. In this second instalment of my two-part series on decoding the consultant vs coach dilemma, we’ll think about what professional practices attract you as the customer.

In part 1 – episode 83, we focused on the consultant vs. coach dilemma through the lens of our own business – what to call ourselves and why it matters. We explored the notion of professional identity, where it comes from and how it shapes our values, approach to our work as well as our business brand and marketing. I gave you four practical ways to move across roles to serve your clients in the best possible manner.

Another angle I want to come at this is, the focus of this episode, is to help you think through what your own needs in business are. Do you look for a coach but actually need or prefer a consultancy or thought partner type arrangement? Or are you looking to hire a consultant but actually need a bit of personal coaching to ensure you achieve your goals in the fastest, smoothest possible way?

In a sea of professional identities where there’s tremendous variation in skills, experience and practice, that brings ambiguity and no ‘one-size-fits-all’, how do you perceive the different roles and value when you’re looking for who to work with?

When you’re looking for support, whether it’s for your business or life or relationship or health, how do these different professional identities and labels affect how you see their expertise? How do you know which kind of support your business really needs?

That’s what we’ll cover in this second episode of the two-part series.

As you learned in part 1, these roles can sometimes blur or overlap. When you have a coach who’s adept at moving between roles and practices, you’ll go much faster by achieving your objectives in the most effective way.

When you think about it from this angle, you see the “dilemma” with fresh eyes – and can actually turn it into an opportunity, a unique selling point You are able to re-examine what you call yourself from your ideal customer’s point of view.



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