Episode 083
Decoding the Consultant vs Coach Dilemma –
Part 1: What to Call Yourself and Why it Matters

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Consulting and coaching are both focused on helping to solve problems, and bringing about change and improvement. So why do we talk about the consultant vs coach dilemma?

The difference between a consultant and a coach as a professional identity is not really about what is achieved, but how it is achieved. Yet, I feel there are some nuances that aren’t as easily explained by the typical distinction of a directive vs non-directive approach.

Choosing a professional identity in business is not just a nuance – it can be critically important. That’s because what you call yourself predicates the approaches we take when working with clients.

Deciding to call yourself consultant vs coach can significantly impact your success attracting the right clients to your business. Likewise, if you’re looking for business support, which one would you be more inclined to look for?

But what if you choose to see the consultant vs coach dilemma as an opportunity or choice rather than as rigid or a tension?

In this two-part series, we’ll explore the consultant vs coach “dilemma” through the lens of professional identity and what it means for your business practice and your clients’ understanding of what you do for them.

In this first part 1, for this episode, I’ll be talking about choosing the right label for your brand positioning, this is something you’ll need to consider carefully.

First, we will look into what the main differences are between consulting and coaching, what exactly is behind the consultant vs. coach dilemma, and why it matters. Second, you’ll learn four key practices you can use in your client relationship that can enable you to move seamlessly between roles when working with a client.



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