Episode 94 Elevate Your Content Marketing – Part 2 of 2 Best Content Planning Practices that Increase SEO, Drive Organic Traffic & Generate Targeted Leads

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In this second episode focusing on content marketing, we explore ways to elevate your content performance, moving onto the heavy lifting part, and that’s to use content planning practices to increase organic traffic and generate targeted leads.

Content planning is where we take the goals and objectives of your strategy, the why and the who, your aims and the intended audience to inform what types of content to create, how, where and when it should be published or posted.

In part 1, I talked through the process of getting clear on your ideal client avatar, your message pillars, and your content platform choices. Now, it’s time to get the process and logistics planned out, and start creating content.

There’s a huge opportunity now with new AI tools like ChatGPT to produce content faster, have the technology do much of the heavy lifting for you.

And assuming you have a relevant and compelling lead magnet, both updating and re-promoting existing content, and creating and publishing new content, will significantly increase your digital presence and visibility as well as drive organic website traffic and generate targeted leads.

What we cover:

  • Choosing what content to create and where to share it
  • Repurposing and retargeting existing content to boost search rankings
  • Using technology to create, automate and schedule content
  • Best content creation practices for getting noticed in the ocean of internet material.
  • How the efficacy of your content marketing plan can be tracked or measured.


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