Episode 91 Leveraging the Power of an Ideal Client Avatar Part 2 Create Your Buyer Persona with Free ICA Exercise & Worksheet

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This second part of 3 for leveraging the power of an ideal customer avatar (ICA) walks you through the practical process of creating your buyer personal with a free ICA exercise and downloadable worksheet. Building a devoted, engaged following — as well as increasing engagement and sales for your offers — will be much simpler and a lot more enjoyable when you pinpoint precisely who your ideal clients are and what matters most to them.

In part 1 episode 90, we looked at the principles, benefits and process that helps you avoid the common misconceptions and traps business owners can often fall into with ideal client avatar work. Now, here in part 2, we go through some easy-to-use frameworks and an ICA exercise to create your business’s buyer persona using the free ICA worksheet provided. Whether you work with individuals or organisations, you’ll come away with clarity and confidence in who your ideal client is and how to find, connect and sell to them.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your avatar clearly in order to attract and sign up more of your ideal clients (this advice applies to all business owners, whether they are just starting out or seasoned veterans)
  • Use these essential demographic and psychographic filters to identify and communicate with your best-fit prospects
  • Stay away from time-wasting traps and misunderstandings that are typical of avatar work and will make your outreach and marketing ineffective
  • Develop avatar-based marketing and sales methods that really cater to your target market to increase your self-assurance and success
  • …and a lot more!

If you want to workshop your way to create a buyer persona for building your ideal customer blueprint, download this free ICA worksheet to use while you listen or read as an article.

create your buyer persona with this free ICA worksheet


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