Episode 90 Leveraging the Power of an Ideal Client Avatar Part 1 What is an ICA and Why You Need to Define Your Ideal Customer

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When you get super clear and define your ideal client avatar, it will drive every aspect of your business and enable you to communicate your message and offer with total ease and authenticity.

A common error I find when it comes to developing an engaged and devoted audience is not getting specific about who you’re talking with. In their desire to benefit as many people as possible, most businesses and professional service providers are afraid of focusing on one ideal client. They are concerned that if they are too detailed, you’d miss out on a whole lot of opportunities.

As a result, they define their target audience broadly. If you never focus on specifics, you would miss the chance to demonstrate a true comprehension of the unique wants, difficulties, and objectives of your ideal audience. It would be challenging to expand your audience and business if your material, including any deals, fell short of expectations.

You won’t experience this, though, if you tune into this three-part series on defining your ideal client avatar and how it helps drive every aspect of your business.

In this series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Attract and enrol more of your ideal customers by first getting clear on your avatar (this is for you whether you’re just starting in business or have been at it for years)…
  • Find and engage with your best-fit prospects using these key demographic and psychographic filters…
  • Avoid time-wasting traps and misconceptions common in avatar work that cause your outreach and marketing to fizzle…
  • Boost your confidence and success by developing avatar-based marketing and sales strategies that truly serve your ideal audience…
  • …and much more!

For part 1, we’ll look at the principles, benefits and process that helps you avoid the common misconceptions and traps business owners can often fall into with ideal client avatar work. Parts 2 and 3 coming in the next few weeks….


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