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Episode 103 RISING RESILIENT series:

Courage & Self-Belief as Tools for Building Resilience – Guest interview with Melanie Hussell

courage and self belief as tools for building resilience


melanie hussell communications coach

My second guest for our Rising Resilient series is Melanie Hussell, founder and CEO of Melanie Hussell Communications. Melanie’s brilliance is in helping business leaders create and deliver powerful presentations.

Melanie’s story of resilience is inspiring to others venturing into the world of entrepreneurship. She started out in her business offering in-person Business English classes, then made the courageous decision to shift to online training and coaching, despite lacking technical and marketing skills.

Investing in business coaching and with the help of done-for-you services, she’s created a comprehensive suite of online video-rich courses, a full Persuasive Presentations program, including feedback through the use of an AI app. An amazing transformation, both for herself and her clients who are just blown away working with Melanie. Her testimonials are just incredible.

We pivoted to working more with senior executives who have a lot riding on their presentation skills and improved the consistency of her outreach, her marketing and the consistency of her follow up process. She started turning networking conversations into $5-15k coaching proposals with a 75% close rate, and made almost $25k revenue from 3 new 1:1 clients and 4 pre-sales from releasing an ‘essentials’ early splinter offer  from the full program.

However, while there are peaks where all her hard work comes to fruition, there are still many dips that Melanie has had to navigate, both in her mindset and in her marketing and sales… so rising resilient is an ongoing endeavour for her.

In this interview, Melanie shares her resilience journey, sharing insights on how courage and self-belief have been the pillars for her as an entrepreneur, and how she channels this through to the clients she coaches too. Come join us.

For more information on how Melanie can help you design and deliver powerful presentations, go to http://melaniehussell.com.



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