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Episode 111 RISING RESILIENT series:
Embracing Flexibility, Adaptability, and Spirituality for Entrepreneurial Resilience – Interview with Leah Grant


spirituality for entrepreneurial resilience with leah grant

Welcome to a very transformative episode of our Rising Resilient series, featuring women entrepreneurs I have the privilege to know and work with as business strategist, coach, and friend. Join us as we delve into the heart of resilience in the business world, featuring the insightful Leah Grant. 

This episode offers a deep dive into Leah’s entrepreneurial spirit and her knack for harnessing resilience to overcome business challenges and personal trials. It’s packed with real-life examples and actionable advice on building resilience, such as integrating strategic planning, operational routines, and emotional intelligence into daily business practices. Entrepreneurs keen on both personal development and sustainable business strategies will find this episode particularly valuable.

You’re in for a treat as Leah uncovers both practical and mystical approaches to tackling the challenges of both life and business, and ways she has personally found to embrace change with compassion, courage and conviction – key attributes for anyone looking to thrive in the world we find ourselves in today.

Leah shares her journey through the entrepreneurial world, highlighting the indispensable skills of flexibility and adaptability that have helped her navigate the ups and downs of a 27-year career across multiple businesses. As primary carer for her blind and elderly mother, she’s the epitome of organized efficiency, working towards using business time for maximum impact and revenue.

As an entrepreneur, coach, and mentor in business marketing, Leah has moved into her genius gift to bring a layer of spirituality in her work with clients through mystical transformation. With Leah’s guidance, listeners will learn how to identify the warning signs of burnout, and the importance of self-care and support systems to maintain business momentum and personal health.

Tune in for a masterclass in transforming everyday challenges into opportunities for growth and success. Learn from Leah how to empower yourself with the resilience needed to lead with vision and vibrancy in the face of any adversity. 

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