Episode 92 Leveraging the Power of an ICA – Part 3 Using an Avatar to Improve Marketing Success with Customer Centric Content and Resonant Copy

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In this final part 3 of 3, we turn to using your ideal customer avatar (ICA) work to improve marketing success. When your avatar is driving your content strategy, it helps align what you write about, when and where to write what. Creating customer centric content and copy is how you can better connect and nurture your audience in a way that converts clicks to clients.

In part 1 (episode 90), I shared ways to define your ICA as a key blueprint for your business and in part 2 (episode 91), I took you through an ICA exercise to really start to build out relevant details that help you write or speak to a specific target audience in a way that truly resonates. Now, in this episode, you’ll learn how to harness that avatar for content planning and copywriting. And it’s going to bridge us into my next planned topics where we’ll dive deeper into how you create content and write great copy, but looking at it from a more strategic angle. 

Using avatar driven marketing and sales strategies, and thinking about all your marketing from your ideal customer’s perspective, will help you understand more clearly what is the intention of each piece of content or copy, where it fits into the customer journey, and how to move people towards action.

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