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Episode 107 RISING RESILIENT series:

Conscious Self Management for Courageous Leadership – Guest interview with Executive Coach Lily Woi

developing conscious self management skills for leadership and success


Talking about conscious self management, my rising resilient series guest today is Lily Woi, an executive coach, leadership expert, and organisational culture change consultant. Lily is both a published author, and international speaker. She has been a contributor to Brainz Magazine and featured on Forbes.

As an ex-corporate person and a business owner, Lily understands what it’s like to be constantly firefighting endless challenges, feeling overwhelmed and without the headspace to focus on the things that matter most to you. As entrepreneurs, making positive changes that drive real value often seems like an unattainable goal. Let’s face it, that feeling of constant anxiety and frustration sucks big time.

So, Lily is on a mission to change the status quo by helping people develop conscious self management skills. If a shift towards greater calmness, confidence and courage is something you want to see for yourself, then tune into this interview.

Lily is uniquely qualified to share her experience and techniques to help shift emotional states and behaviours, unlock potential, and build resilience from the inside out.

Lily has made remarkable strides in her own conscious self management. Her courage and resilience shines through in her work with executive clients, as well as in her dedication to provide effective culture change solutions for forward-thinking companies.