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Episode 110 RISING RESILIENT series:

Navigating Life Changes, Women’s Health and Emotional Balance in Business – Guest interview with Irma Jennings

podcast interview life changes and emotional balance irma jennings


In this powerful episode of the Leveraged Business Podcast, host Jay welcomes Irma Jennings, known affectionately as “The Bone Lady.” Irma helps women who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis to navigate the emotional and medical journey they find themselves on. Bringing her own story and experience to her coaching, and navigating herself through the ups and downs, and challenges of business – and digital marketing to boot – she is now firmly positioned as a Bone Health Coach and “Patient Navigator”. She has key partnerships with medical professionals, and is providing a much-needed support service to her clients that’s inspiring, pragmatic and pioneering. 
irma jennings talks about emotional balance in business
Irma has personally tackled numerous challenges herself from her days working on Wall Street to her work today and building a thriving business. So her whole brand rests upon helping her clients to rise resilient, and is synonymous with love and care, and changing people’s lives.

Irma draws on her experience working with women diagnosed with osteoporosis to deliver compelling insights into cultivating resilience, self-compassion, and courage in business and life. She shares personal anecdotes that illustrate her path through self-doubt, emphasising how surrendering to emotions and leveraging trusted support networks can transform challenges into triumphs.

Acknowledging vulnerabilities can be hard for many of us. Irma emphasises the strength gained from sharing fears and seeking guidance, and the importance of building strong support systems. For entrepreneurs striving to build resilience and personal development, her wisdom underscores the power of turning to trusted allies who know us deeply, offering a mirror to our strengths and blind spots.

Listeners will be inspired by Irma’s candid reflections on maintaining balance and focus. Whether it’s confronting the “stress stacking” that often overwhelms business owners or addressing how habits that range from sugar to self-doubt can sabotage our best intentions, she offers valuable insights into reclaiming control.

This episode is packed with actionable strategies, from staying present in nature to mindfully navigating food cravings, that help listeners find their inner compass and maintain mental and emotional well-being. Tune in to learn how to rise resilient and courageous amidst life’s uncertainties, guided by Irma’s unique blend of empathy and pragmatic wisdom.