Episode 085 From Idea to Product Launch Success
Part 1 – The 4 Launch Types that Help You Build Momentum and Muscle for Launching

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Launching a new product can be an exciting, yet challenging experience. You might have a great idea, but bringing it to life and getting it in front of the right audience can be a complex process. You’re going to need one o four product launch strategies.

For my iSuccess programs, I’ve always tended to do soft launches and enrolling a small group at any given time. For instance, the Leveraged Business Accelerator – because it isn’t a curriculum-based programme. It’s a structured process for strategic review, planning and coaching for each client, from where we create a customised 90-day action plan. Because of this format, I open up spots when I know I can give my coaching clients the time needed between other commitments.

In this episode I’ll be walking you through four types of launch and talking about general good practice, my experiences of launching, supporting launches and being a participant in a launch. Then in part 2, we’ll go through ten critical steps that will help you create a solid foundation for your product launch success.

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, you’ll definitely pick up some valuable insights and tips to help you successfully launch any product.

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