021 Busting Myths about Successful Product Launch Formulas

– Q&A with Dr Jay

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Today we’re talking about what it takes to have a successful product launch.

As far as strategic marketing for business growth is concerned, I get a lot of questions from consultants and coaches and other solo practitioners about successful product launch formulas. So in this episode, I’m sharing the ups, downs and alternatives.

If you hang around FB, you can’t miss seeing challenges, bootcamps and big product launches – they’re commonplace – and from the outside it looks fun and dynamic.

I just wrapped up a soft launch for our Leveraged Business Accelerator programme and I have to say, it was tough!!! I told myself I couldn’t compete, I wasn’t ready, I was juggling to many balls! So, I held back getting clients this way and in this episode, I share why and what I do differently.

Prompted by questions I’ve been getting about product launch formulas, I’m busting the myths about what it takes to launch your program(me) successfully.


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