Episode 96 Harmonising Content and Copy to Drives Sales Across the Customer Journey

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When you’re looking at content and copy in your marketing, have you ever really thought about the job each is doing to drive sales across the customer journey? Defining the purpose, audience and occasion for everything you communicate is super powerful for connecting with your target audience and building trust.

Ever wondered what’s the difference between content and copy? And how to use them in harmony to build authentic and effective customer relationships?

Now you might already be creating content in a very intentional way – see episode 93 Elevate Your Content Marketing part 1 and episode 94 for part 2 – but in my experience many businesses (maybe MOST businesses in fact) are not necessarily getting leads and sales from all that effort – which is pretty demotivating to keep on doing it, right?

The reason is that most businesses are not creating content in a way that drives the flywheel of their customer journey. There’s very little copy running through all that content.

Let me put that another way, most business are not following a strategy where their content loops back to what they’re selling. And they’re not creating a strong demand narrative to move people from consuming content to following you, engaging with you and taking action towards working with you.

Instead of just posting content whenever you feel like it, think of your content and copy working in harmony to get people engaged, educated and then enrolled into your program or service. And you’re in luck 🙂 This episode (and its accompanying blog article) is intended to help you do just that, so you can drive sales across the customer journey more effectively.

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