Episode 087 Mastering Discovery Calls – Sales Strategies for Effective Conversations that Increase Client Conversions

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If you’re looking to improve sales conversions for your consulting, coaching or training business, in this episode we’ll discuss one of the most crucial aspects of client acquisition – the discovery session. We’ll explore effective strategies to pre-qualify potential clients, speak with confidence, understand your value, and ask for the sale.

So, if you’re ready to rock your discovery sessions, get more clients signing up to your program or service, and make more sales, this is a great episode to dive into!

I take you through seven strategies that will really ramp up your results in sales conversations. Now if you’re selling into organisations, this is likely to be a few conversations, and not necessarily with one individual, so bear that in mind. But many of the principles, steps and forms of words I’ll be covering are the same.

You’ll learn how to pre-qualify potential clients, craft an effective call structure, speak with confidence and know your value. And I’ll walk you through the art of asking for the sale and my top way of asking that always gets a YES.

Then we’ll go into handling objections with confidence and what to do when you get a yes, maybe or no as the outcome of your discovery session.

If you want to accelerate your business journey, book a free discovery call with me, and we’ll talk through where you’re at, what you need and whether the Leveraged Business Accelerator coaching program is a good fit for you. See what I did 🙂

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