Fostering, Celebrating & Leveraging Success in Entrepreneurial Resilience
3-year anniversary series launch

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It’s the 100th episode and three-year anniversary of the show. And we are celebrating. For 2024, we’re launching a fantastic new series for the podcast – all about one of the key cornerstones of success in business – resilience. I’ve been collaborating with a whole group of strong women entrepreneurs on this to put this together for you.

In today’s episode, I set the scene for what entrepreneurial resilience means, what’s coming in guest contributions on the subject, and how to develop resilient practices that fuel and sustain your business success.

Through a series of interviews with 14 of my amazing ACES business acceleration clients, we bring you a collection of inspiring and insightful ways you can foster, celebrate and leverage success in entrepreneurial resilience. There is so much passion, talent and commitment to the work they do, in reaching their respective audiences and being of true service. But importantly too is how they show up.

Collectively, these business owners all have demonstrated an uncanny ability to deal with resilience, personally and/or in how they help their clients. And together they illustrate what “success” takes from many different and interesting and valuable angles, and different lenses that stem from their own journeys, as well as the work they do with clients.

Rising Resilient is all about tackling challenges and change in your life and business with confidence, compassion and courage.

A frequent theme that emerges in coaching small business owners is the rollercoaster journey of entrepreneurship. And the growth that happens is not solely because we put great marketing or sales strategies together. It’s the inner growth too, the mindset piece.

The reason the Rising Resilient theme will be a terrific way to celebrate the 100th episode and 3rd year anniversary of The Leveraged Business Podcast is because the show focuses on working smarter not harder

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