On the back of our three-year anniversary of the Leveraged Business Podcast and this being our 100th episode, I’m celebrating entrepreneurial resilience. And I’ve chosen to celebrate in a particular way, and I think you’ll like it.

Welcome everyone – I hope you’re doing well and looking forward to the new year with glee and excitement. Today’s article is where it starts for me. I’m celebrating. For 2024, we’re launching a fantastic new series for the podcast – all about one of the key cornerstones of success in business – entrepreneurial resilience. And I’ve been collaborating with a whole group of strong business women on this – my clients!

You see, through the course of supporting clients with transformation in relation to their own growth and the growth of their businesses, the theme of resilience has come up time and again. So, during the summer a seed of an idea was planted in my mind.

I had the idea to put together a podcast series around the topic of rising resilient (and potentially a new book – more on that later). I sent an email about the idea to a group of my clients and 90% responded pretty much immediately in the affirmative. How cool is that?!!

From there, grew a real excitement about the project, and when it came to the actual interviews, oh my gosh, I thoroughly enjoyed all of our conversations so much. These remarkable women not only share their journeys but also provide valuable insights and empowering strategies for anyone seeking to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship while fostering personal growth.

Now, based on all of their super insightful contributions, I’m totally propelled creating this collection of ‘rising resilient’ interviews as a new series for 2024. We’re also planning to extend their pieces into chapters for a co-authored book, which will come out probably in the summer. Provisional title is Rising Resilient with Grit, Grace & Growth. It’ll be a super thrilling collaboration.

This is a very impressive group of women entrepreneurs for sure, so I can’t wait to get this out to the world. There is so much passion, talent and commitment to the work they do, in reaching their respective audiences and being of true service.


Leveraging Wisdom to Increase Your Resilience Practices

Collectively, these business owners all have demonstrated an uncanny ability to deal with resilience, personally and/or in how they help their clients. And together they illustrate what “success” takes from many different and interesting and valuable angles, and different lenses that stem from their own journeys, as well as the work they do with clients.

I mean just looking as I brainstormed this for myself first of all – I thought, wow, these are my clients but I’m engulfed in so much power, brilliance, healing and wisdom myself! It’s staggering and wonderful.

The reason the Rising Resilient theme will be a terrific way to celebrate the 100th episode and 3rd year anniversary of The Leveraged Business Podcast is because the show focuses on working smarter not harder, and indeed the iSuccess Business Academy and my Leveraged Business Accelerator program too.

A frequent theme that emerges in coaching small business owners on the rollercoaster journey of entrepreneurship is resilience. Because growth is not solely because we put great marketing or sales strategies together. It’s the inner growth too, the mindset piece.

I work with some incredible people and women in particular who also use their personal experiences as well as subject expertise to support their clients too. The interviews illustrate how entrepreneurial resilience shows up for each of us, and how we approach and build our resilience is quite varied.

So, this forthcoming new series for the podcast starting in 2024 will share with you this wonderful set of interviews with inspiring women entrepreneurs who I coach and who all demonstrate so much passion, talent and commitment to the work they do, and an unwavering dedication to being of service to others (as well as making an income of course).


A Glimpse of Resilience Insights from our Guest Contributors

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect across the new series.

  • Leverage: Discover the art of working smarter, not harder, with an entrepreneur who has mastered the strategies to maximize efficiency and productivity in particular, but also to keep that important work-life balance, stay motivated, and avoid entrepreneurial burnout.

  • Finding Your Calling and Inner Self: Gain insights into aligning your purpose with your business as an entrepreneur.

  • Career Transitioning: Be inspired by the story of an entrepreneur who successfully transitioned from a traditional career to entrepreneurship, navigating adversity and determination along the way.

  • Seasonal Living: Explore how one entrepreneur has harnessed the power of nature’s cycles to build a thriving business. Learn how embracing life’s ebb and flow can lead to greater resilience and success.

  • Holistic Healing: Discover the transformative power of integrative approaches to resilience as a wellness entrepreneur shares her journey and insights into healing from within.

  • Expanding Spirituality: Delve into the profound impact of spirituality on resilience with an entrepreneur who has seamlessly integrated spiritual practice into her business, and who helps her clients break through emotional blocks and repressed feelings that are holding back their sense of fulfilment, motivation and success.

  • Joy and Vitality in Midlife/Encore Years: Find inspiration in the story of an entrepreneur who has reinvented herself and her business during midlife, embracing change and creating a fulfilling encore career.

  • Emotions and Teams: Explore the importance of emotional intelligence in team dynamics and how it contributes to creating resilient teams and a harmonious work environment.

  • Soul-Making: Explore the concept of soul-making and how it can lead to personal growth and transformation, redefining success on your own terms.

Key Resilience Themes You’ll Learn About

As we go into editing the interviews, I’ve done a first parse and I’m feeling the emergence of three themes that you can work on to increase entrepreneurial resilience: mind (work/career), body (health/self-care), soul (mission, spirituality).

Then again, everything is layers that are all mutually reinforcing. Yet, several common elements are golden threaded through each and every person’s ‘take’ on resilience. They talked about ways to manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm, compassion, inner strength and strength from others, regular healthy self-care.

  • Margo: Emotional Mastery
  • Melanie: Courage and Self-Belief
  • Linda: Positive Psychology and Accountability
  • Carmen: Coping and Empowerment
  • Mia: Intuition, Gratitude and Adventure
  • Lily: Conscious Self-Management and Holding Space
  • Barbara: Stress Management and Differentiating Stress Types
  • Leah: Flexibility, Adaptability and Spirituality
  • Irma: Setbacks, Vulnerability and Support
  • Jo: Well-being and Recharging
  • Annika: Holistic Health and Self-Compassion
  • Andrea: Physical and Mental Resilience
  • Laura: Self-Awareness and Joy
  • Christina: Journeys and Soul Making

Taken together, this is a powerful set of insights and techniques that we hope other business owners will be inspired by, and learn to do for themselves. The conversations emphasise a range of positive attributes and impact of women whose businesses I’m honoured to support through consulting and coaching. Each individual contributes to an uplifting collective wisdom, which conveys respect and admiration for their particular strengths, talents, and influence.


Is Entrepreneurial Resilience Just Hype?

This series is not just about hype or quick fixes; it’s about serious discussions on the profound challenges and changes that every business builder faces. Join us as we embark on this enlightening journey with these extraordinary women entrepreneurs.

I’m very excited about the podcast’s direction in 2024! Having hand-picked my guests for the show over the first two years, I’ve been running the show alone this year, so it has been really fun to bring in this assembly of inspiring women business owners as guests for the 3-year anniversary.

Do you love the focus on resilience? What’s your take? I would sincerely love to hear your thoughts about the series idea, the book idea, and just your own personal approaches and lessons learned about rising resilient. Just reach out and share via the audio app or written form.

And if you feel like jumping into “leveraged living” for yourself and forming a close-knit community around resilience and empowerment, as well as other ways to create leverage in your business – join our FB group The Leveraged Living Club at http://facebook.com/TheLeveragedLivingClub/. Quick disclaimer, to be honest I haven’t really promoted the group recently – it’s just not been a focus for us – so this might be a great incentive to gather together, to harness our collective superpowers, and find supportive partners to keep rising resilient.


Looking for business growth in 2024?

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In my experience of working with small business entrepreneurs, one thing that makes all the difference between treading water and creating momentum towards success in your business, is taking the time simply to pause to think, on a personal, organisational, and financial level. If doing nothing isn’t an option for you, and you’re ready to turn up the dial and move forward in your business, let’s talk.

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