Episode 95 Ten Seasonal Living Strategies to Cope with the End of Summer Blues

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If you’re feeling the end of summer blues, I hear you. I’m noticing my mood is lower than usual. It can be challenging with our social and work interactions to rise above it.

The end-of-summer blues is a real thing. It aligns with our 5 element personality types too – fascinating stuff! The change in temperature, light going from summer into fall (autumn) can affect us more than we realise. It marks the end of a season filled with warmth, sunshine, and outdoor activities and the start of shorter, darker days and more time indoors.

As you might be feeling a little of this too, I thought I’d drop you a checklist to share some ideas on how to cope with the end of summer blues – prevention and treatment 🙂

In this impromptu episode, I share some strategies you can use (one or all of them!) to cope with the end of summer blues and transition smoothly into the new season.


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