Episode 25 How to Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout and Achieve Work-Life Balance

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Are you controlling your business or is your business controlling you? How can you build a business and have a life outside of work? How we do achieve growth and at the same time avoid entrepreneurial burnout and achieve balance?

Serving your purpose and generating great profits without stress, overwhelm and drama is the epitome of what I call a leveraged business. As an entrepreneur, working for yourself can be a tough and lonely gig and the pressure to grow the business doesn’t stop even when you’re doing well.

While being booked up and making multiple six figures may look great from the outside, if you’re burned out on the inside, I wouldn’t class that as success.

Even when you love your work, if your client work sets the schedule, when you’re juggling lots of different balls, when life outside of work comes a poor second place, it may be time to rethink and remodel your work-life balance.

I’m on a mission to change that for consultants, coaches and other client-based practitioners who are looking to achieve better balance and avoid entrepreneurial burnout in their expert business.

In this episode, we’re taking stock of what all this leverage is all for – what are we actually solving for? It’s a taking stock, reflection on the different themes and topics we’ve covered so far on the show, looking into the different things you can leverage in your business architecture, and where the leverage points can be found in how you construct and run your business to avoid entrepreneurial burnout and achieve a great work life balance.

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