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Episode 105 RISING RESILIENT series:

Mindset Mastery for Managing Traumatic Stress – Guest interview with Margo Mansfield

managing traumatic stress through emotional resilience mastery


margo mansfield mindset mastery

In this episode, I interview Margo Mansfield, an internationally known speaker, master trainer, mentor, and organization development consultant. Margo is a leader in emotional mastery, helping individuals and companies transform the way they improve performance. She has spent the past 45 years specializing in the development of emotional literacy in the transformation of stress. She supports organisational leaders to excel by humanizing their approach using her 6-step breakthrough roadmap.

Margo’s story is powerful. She’s overcome a tremendous critical car accident, a traumatic event that resulted in her going through numerous surgeries, a mental health crisis and recklessness, leading eventually to physical healing, spiritual growth, more formal education, contemplation, and life-changing decisions. In this episode, you’ll hear insights from her journey that enabled her to rise resilient and bring her gifts to both individual leaders and the business world.

Margo is dedicated to bringing about transformation by helping people discover the secrets of becoming “secure under stress”. She’s a firm believer that people can learn to use stress as an experience of unleashing their greatest potential in ways that they never understood was possible, and, as a contribution to their health and well-being rather than at a cost.

Margo works with individuals and business leaders to engineer transformation through understanding personality differences and building skills to address those differences using her proprietary Reality Security Inventory.

Deep trauma is not an uncommon experience, yet it is very individualised one for any of us. Margo’s personal evolution essentially built her business. When working with leaders and their team members who are facing a future of changes, known and unknown, that are wrought with stress, she says her gift to them is the magic of her combined knowledge and experience that fosters life-long skills.

If you’d like to connect with Margo and explore her approaches, you can find her on LinkedIn or learn more about her work at mytransformingself.com.