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Episode 102 RISING RESILIENT series:
The Ultimate Resilience Brain Reset – Guest interview with Dr. Carmen Morrison

interview with carmen morrison on the neuroscience of resilience


The ultimate resilience brain reset - Rising Resilient podcast guest interview with Carmen Morrison

My first guest for this special podcast series Rising Resilient is Dr. Carmen Morrison talking about the ultimate resilience brain reset.

Specialises in: Parenting, Brain Health, Relationships, Mind-Body Nutrition

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, M.A. in Theology, M.A. in Education

Certified Integrative Mental Health Practitioner

Dr. Morrison has been licensed as a psychologist for almost two decades and also set up an online dimension under the umbrella brand of Alli.health to reach more people who are ‘stuck’ and looking for the Ultimate Brain Reset – the so-called magic wand.

But in her interview, when you hear how she speaks about resilience and the neuroscience underneath it, bear in mind, she and her husband also run a significant non-profit operation working in developing countries afflicted by trauma. Her work is far-reaching, and highly impactful.

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Getting to know both Carmen and Bob as their business coach, I often wonder how they sustain such in-depth and demanding work. So was very keen to get her on the show to talk about it with you. 

What I love about her mission – is that she LOVES coaching – maybe less so all the marketing and sales part of growing the business, but as her husband Bob often remarks in our business development sessions, Carmen comes alive and does her best work when she gets to come alongside you and help you discover ways to get unstuck. And that, for her, is one of the most thrilling things. On their website alli.health – where you can find out more about the work – she explains this brilliantly: 

I love to take things that seem really complex and break them down into small pieces. I’m a certified brain health professional in addition to being a licensed psychologist.  At Alli, I want to help people who don’t really need therapy, but just need help knowing how to take the next step. 

In her Rising Resilient interview here, you’ll want to listen in to her insights on the ultimate brain reset and superpower for coping and empowerment. She talks about resilience in a way you might never have thought about before.

As a non-profit and health care therapist, and as an entrepreneur, Carmen has made significant strides in her business, through resources, courses, and coaching, especially in creating user-friendly digital interfaces to complement and extend her clinic work. Her resilience is evident in her ability to navigate the highly competitive health industry while juggling the demands of a high potential non-profit in third-world countries.

Carmen’s Ultimate Brain Reset course is available as a great starting point for rising resilient. Special offer $297.

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