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Episode 106 RISING RESILIENT series:

Developing Intuitive Communication, Compassion and a Culture of Adventure – Guest Interview with Mia Sindolic

Rising Resilient Series Guest Mia Sindolic on Developing Intuitive Communication, Compassion and a Culture of Adventure


Blue Light Horizon Mia Sindolic Intuitive Communication Developing Intuitive Communication, Self Compassion in Entrepreneurship and Career – Interview with Mia Sindolic
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Why are professionals burning out while they give the best of themselves to help others?

Addressing this question is a key driver for my guest today, Mia Sindolic. After a career as a paediatric dentist, and later after moving continents and having to resume her career as a dental hygienist, her use of Self-Compassion in Entrepreneurship is an approach stemming from her specialism of intuitive communication.

When I met Mirjana (Mia) Sindolic a year ago for business coaching, she was a women filled with passion and determination for the vision of her business and the people she wanted to help. Now, the founder of a cutting-edge program for dental hygienists, her journey is one of innovation, commitment and adaptability.

As the founder of Blue Light Horizon, her business serves dental health professionals, contributing to education, healthcare and well-being of patients, dental teams and the community. Mia seeks to break the curse of isolation and stress that health professionals face. She helps them with communication that takes them from chaos to calm, based on an intuitive and science-backed strategy that empowers patient relationships and makes people calmer, more energetic, and more resilient than ever.
Based on the needs she saw in her industry, Mia created an online coaching program exclusively for dental hygienists, but which has insights and techniques of huge applicability for other professionals and business owners alike.

Popular coaching topics include maximizing your impact, creating a positive environment that will help you maintain work-life balance, strategy for teams or organizations, and leading through change. So although Mia’s programs are specifically designed and developed for dental hygienist, there is lots to be learned for any seasoned professional or business owner who’s feeling a little overwhelmed, jaded or just weary of the day-to-day.

The quote on Mia’s website BlueLightHorizon.org/about-me sums this up beautifully:

“I often wonder if the bridge was always there, or if I was building it as I walked.”

Come tune in to my interview with this remarkable woman – you won’t get nuggets of wisdom, you’ll be blown away inspired.

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