How to Brand, Market & GROW Your Business

as an Educational Entrepreneur

in the Digital Age

If you’re looking to grow your consulting or coaching business and you have ambition, drive, a sense of adventure, willingness to learn and the spirit to succeed, Leveraged Consulting is worth your attention.

Becoming an educational entrepreneur is the natural next stage of a journey you have already begun as a professional expert and a service provider…

If you’ve ventured out on your own, started a business and hopefully done quite well, you can count yourself an entrepreneur. But now maybe you find yourself hitting some stumbling blocks in terms of consistent income, fulfilment and sustainable growth.

Leveraged Consulting helps you with 7 steps to grow your business strategically using a clear & leveraged solution for overcoming the common frustrations professional experts face in growing their reach and revenue and enables you to make the leap from self-employed business owner to thriving enterprise builder.


Dr Jay Allyson Dempster

Available soon via Amazon in Kindle, Print & Audio

What the book helps you to do

Leveraged Consulting aims to help you:

#1  Think differently about how you market and deliver your professional expertise – with regards to business models, packaging, pricing, lead generation and recurring revenue.

#2  Identify growth blockers – the elements in your business design that are most likely holding you back in growing your business in terms of the mindset, marketing message, operational processes and the leveraged strategy you need to break through your current income ceiling.

#3. Create your own business roadmap for transforming your current consulting or coaching services into a more profitable, dependable and scalable enterprise that serves your prospects and clients in a value-driven and digitally smart manner.

Core concepts

Core concepts in Leveraged Consulting include:

  • Strategic marketing for business growth
  • Entrepreneurship for professional experts
  • Education as a tool for marketing & revenue generation
  • Foundations of the success mindset
  • Brand positioning, differentiation & competitive advantage
  • Building trust via authentic engagement processes
  • Value-driven marketing to overcome selling resistance
  • Consulting / coaching practice as a basis for business development
  • Delivering value and charging what you’re worth
  • Automating your content & communication systems
  • Digital transformation & reaching a global audience.

What topics are covered

The introduction [download free below] gives you an overview of the leveraged consulting strategies and the payoffs for embarking on this journey. We’ll explore what it means to be an educational entrepreneur, and I’ll illustrate this through my own story of how I became one. We’ll consider the business model and digital agenda in terms of leveraging your expertise and building a profitable, fulfilling and sustainable enterprise. We’ll touch on strategic imperatives, such as responding to market shifts, digital innovation as well as how to prepare yourself for success.

After the introduction, we cover each of the seven steps to success – some foundational (thinking), some architectural (planning) and some practical (doing).

Step 1 starts with UNDERSTANDING THE OPPORTUNITY with leveraged consulting. I’ll give you an overview of what it means to be an educational entrepreneur – principles, philosophies and practice.

Step 2 is about   BEING STRATEGIC ABOUT BUSINESS GROWTH where we look at the opportunities for growing your business in today’s digital world and how to position your consulting offer to work for you in terms of what you want to achieve, personally and financially.

At Step 3, we’ll explore HARNESSING EDUCATION AS BUSINESS TOOL and consider what is an effective education-driven business and how this supports increasing your influence, impact and income.

In Step 4, we are LAYING THE FOUNDATIONS FOR SUCCESS. We’ll tackle the question of “what success looks like” and help you to define why you do what you do, and how you can bring this into your unique value proposition and brand.

Step 5 follows on where we focus on actually CREATING A VALUE-DRIVEN BRAND for getting your authentic message across as a purpose-driven leader in your industry. This forms the basis for education-orientated marketing, which enables you to attract, engage, win and work with more of your ideal clients.

At step 6, we get super practical and review the design elements for REFORMING YOUR BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE using branded educational content as a driver for growth. You’ll rank yourself 1-10 for each of 14 key elements that we’ll go through, and then reflect on the current state of play for your business in terms of these building blocks.

Step 7, we start IMPLEMENTING 7 CRITICAL LEVERS FOR SUCCESS. This is the biggest section by far and tackles the practicalities of executing your plan for change. We’ll go through the specific ways you can improve your message-to-market match, increase client flow, create new streams of income and uplevel key business processes.

Finally, as the final step 7, we’ll look at EDUCATING IN A GLOBAL CONTEXT, covering off some enterprise expansion tactics for shifting your business from local to global, from single stream to multiple streams of income and touch on educational product design.