in the Digital Age

How to Build and Grow a Successful Service Business in an Increasingly Competitive Marketplace


If you’re looking to grow your consulting or coaching business and you have ambition, drive, a sense of adventure, willingness to learn and the spirit to succeed, Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age is definitely worth your attention.

Building a leveraged consulting business is a natural next stage of a journey you have already begun as an independent professional expert and a service provider.

Leveraged consulting is your secret weapon & competitive advantage in an increasing busy market.

Although professional services such as consulting and coaching continue to growth as an industry, there is simultaneously growing competition and client scepticism concering value for money.

This book helps your manoevre into a prime position, harnessing the power of digital to engage, educate and enrol your ideal clients using more leveraged strategies.

A leveraged strategy should resonate very strongly if you see yourself as:

  • An ambitious entrepreneur not just a freelancer;
  • An inspiring leader & guide not just a hired help; and
  • A results-driven expert not just a day-rate service provider.


If you’ve ventured out on your own, started your own business and hopefully achieved some success, you can count yourself an entrepreneur. But maybe you find yourself hitting some stumbling blocks in terms of consistent income, time freedom and sustainable growth.

Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age helps you build a successful high-end business strategically using the iSuccess 7-dimensions framework and shows you how to develop and implement a leveraged consulting roadmap that is right for you.

Leveraged consulting helps you overcome many of the common frustrations that professional experts face in clarifying their niche, crafting a compelling brand message, attracting their best clients and creating reliable revenue streams.


Jay Allyson Dempster, PhD

Business Consultant, Educator & Author

Founder of the iSuccess Business Academy

Managing Director, Belanda Consulting

leveraged consulting in the digital age book on how to build a successful high end client business

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Let me know what you think … in the comments below … such as, how this fits your challenges and needs in building a successful high-end client business.

What the book helps you to do

Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age aims to help you:

#1  Think differently about how you market and deliver your professional expertise – with regards to business models, packaging, pricing, lead generation and recurring revenue.

#2  Identify growth blockers – the elements in your business design that are most likely holding you back in growing your business in terms of the mindset, marketing message, operational processes and the leveraged strategy you need to break through your current income ceiling.

#3. Create your own business roadmap for transforming your current consulting or coaching services into a more profitable, dependable and scalable enterprise that serves your prospects and clients in a value-driven and digitally smart manner.

Core concepts

Core concepts in Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age include:

  • Strategic marketing for business growth
  • Entrepreneurship for professional experts
  • Education as a tool for marketing & revenue generation
  • Paradigm shifts for the success mindset
  • Brand positioning, differentiation & competitive advantage
  • Building trust via authentic engagement processes
  • Value-driven marketing to overcome selling resistance
  • Demonstration as a basis for business development
  • Delivering value & charging what you’re worth
  • Automating your content & communication systems
  • Digital transformation & reaching a global audience.

What topics are covered

The book’s introduction is available to download free – see below.

This provides an overview of what we mean by “leveraged” consulting and the payoffs compared to the traditional ‘time for money’ business model for consulting, coaching & other expert services.

To understand why this is an important mind shift, we look at the major strategic imperatives, such as responding to market shifts & growth trends, and how to prepare yourself for success winning clients in the digital arena.

Building anything, foundations are critical. In the introduction, I present 7-dimensions for success and why education can act as a powerful tool for business growth. 

We look at typical growth plateaus for freelancers & service firms and consider the role that digital can play in marketing and revenue streams to leverage both your expertise & your time.

The book covers the key areas where leverage opportunities exist, provides you with a solid roadmap to success – foundational ideas for strategic thinking, practical implementation for improving your current business and a direction of travel for future plans.

leveraged consulting in the digital age