TRAILER – About the Leveraged Business Podcast

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The Leveraged Business Podcast is a space for ambitious service business owners – consultants, coaches and other expert practitioners – to learn, to grow, to succeed, and to achieve your most leveraged, fulfilling and profitable business.

You know you have a wealth of expertise and massive potential to play a bigger game and the sky’s the limit for your success in business once you understand the power of leverage. But there are a lot of fears, doubts and misconceptions about business growth that keeps people small. They struggle, stress and don’t ask for support … they sacrifice, overwork and don’t take time for their own wellbeing.

Explored in this trailer episode is the notion of the leveraged business and what it means to any one of us, as individuals. Because how you design and operate your business holds the key to success – being able to earn more, work less and grow faster whilst keeping your wellbeing and work-life balance in check.

What success means to many of us in our career or business is not all about financial achievements, the big 6- and 7-figure goals. For solo professionals, small businesses and entrepreneurs, success is about creating the life you want – your day-to-day, lifestyle and freedom, your relationships and time to spend doing what makes you happy, and your overall sense of joy, purpose and fulfilment.

Aside from “success”, a word that gets used over and over in business is LEVERAGE. We may think we know what it means but in terms of business design, there’s some hidden gems you may be missing a trick with. I’ve been an independent consulting professional for over 13 years and what I know is true is this. There are some incredible consultants, coaches, therapists and other experts who just don’t reach their full potential because they lack the skills, knowledge and confidence to really apply the power of leverage more fully to skyrocket their business.

During these uncertain and unpredictable times, we are all having to find new ways to get clients, work with clients and serve our clients. Don’t be fooled by those who look successful on the outside, yet are struggling to stay sane on the inside. 80% of service business owners are overworked, stressed and suffering. For consultants, coaches other expert service providers who achieve sustained “success”, it’s because they have already discovered the power of leverage, using digital strategies to attract and deliver their expertise for greater reach, revenue and work-life balance.

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