Ep32: How to Create a Stand Out Brand and Leverage It to Attract Targeted Clients

– Interview with Danny Matthews

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create a stand out brand with danny matthews


In the crowded marketplace of today’s digital age, it’s important for businesses to create a stand out brand so they get noticed for the specific thing they do and resonate with a specific target audience.

Many professional service providers start their business after a long career in a particular industry. When they go solo as an independent consultant, it’s often a stark realisation that the occupational labels that worked in employment don’t work at all well in marketing their services. Those who are successful are lacing their websites and social media with compelling, customer-focused and socially-conscious brands.

So how can you get your business aligned, targeted, positioned and branded for success?

I’m excited to have a brilliant guest on the show today, Danny Matthews. Danny is CEO of Danny&Co, an award-winning brand consultancy and design studio with clients across the globe and creator of The Brand Confidence Advantage program. He’s a fellow podcaster too, and I’m really excited for our conversation today, where we’re focusing on how to create and leverage a stand out brand.

In this episode, we open up pandora’s box, drawing on Danny’s personal journey and client stories to dispel notions that branding is all about logos and colour schemes. We dive into the foundations of what a strong brand is really all about, how to find the connections in your expert journey, and ways you can get all your collateral working in harmony for your business growth.

Getting to the heart and soul of your business and identifying your core concept and niche is what determines and drives a stand out brand. Leveraging your brand is as much about shining a bright light on your core message as it is about visual appeal; and it’s about finding cost-effective ways of content repurposing and customer engagement. So sit back and enjoy a whole bunch of stimulating insights from my brilliant guest.