Ep55 Ten Offers You Can Build into Your Leveraged Business Model to Create Multiple Streams of Income

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For consultants, coaches and practitioners who are building a business around you, your expertise, your unique value proposition, it’s important you have more than one ‘offer’. Today we’re going to dive into ten new revenue streams in a consulting business that you can build more flexible and secure income.

We talk about your offers, and then we’ll go through how you might present them at different times in the customer journey and different ways to stack them so it’s a logical success pathway for people.

In this episode, I dive into new ways to earn income that allow you to build more flexible and secure revenue models. I talk about new ways to meet your customers where they are, and help you create new income streams, even if to start with it’s just a trickle!

We’ll go through ten different kinds of offer and how to stack the deck in your financial favour and in service to your clients, students and customers. Instead of just creating things that people consume, you can also create programs and services that people participate in.


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