Episode 076 – Creating a Referral Strategy to Grow & Scale Your Business Fast 

– Q&A with Dr Jay

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If you regularly get people introducing you to other people they think you can help, then you have a good likelihood of success creating a business referral strategy to generate warm leads.

These prospects are typically more receptive, trusting and responsive than other new leads coming into your business. But also, even taking account of a small commission or finder’s fee, they aren’t costing in terms of the marketing and advertising you do for your own lead generation.

So it pays to pay attention to how you routinely ask for referrals and how you can make it easy for people to refer, recommend and share positive feedback about you.

The referral experience needs to be a natural and simple process for your clients. In this episode, we’ll walk through some key principles and practices to make your referral strategy successful:

  • What is A Business Referral
  • How Does Referral Marketing Work?
  • Why Focus on Getting Referrals
  • Creating a Strong Referral Network
  • Architect a Simple Client Referral Process
  • Leveraging technology to support referrals
  • How to Develop a Referral Mindset
  • 10 Tips to Get More Business Referrals

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