019 How to Leverage the Success Mindset: Part 2 – The 5Rs that Develop Your Business Resilience

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This is the second of two episodes focusing on leveraging the success mindset, here we look at the 5Rs, success boosters that help develop your business resilience.  If you haven’t listened to part 1, where we went through the three Ps for living in the success zone, you might want to listen to that first.

Because in this second part, now I’m sharing five Rs – which are all about dealing with circumstances and change that impact our growth trajectory and how to develop your business resilience.

A positive outlook is necessary to see change as opportunities to grow. The success mindset means working with the change and making the most of a situation to overcome whatever happens in your life or in your business environment.

Without being overly simplistic, instead of seeing a dark cloud, work on seeing the silver lining in the cloud. If you want change for the better, you’ll be in a better position to accept and make the most of new situations – that’s how to develop your business resilience.

The 5Rs are five success boosters and all beginning with R:

#1 – Reality Checks

#2 – Responsibility

#3 – Relationships

#4 – Reflect and Assess

#5 – Your Roadmap

Benchmarks for the Success Mindset


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