Episode 068
Earn Your Worth – Part 1 Why Having a Core Concept Helps You Get Better Clients and Charge Higher Fees

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A core concept is the big idea that you wrap your product, program or service around, that you create a demand narrative and story, and enables you to showcase your thought leadership and earn your worth. It’s something you can really lean into, and get excited about, and your audience can too.

Identifying a core concept helps you can turn your expertise, passion, skills into laser focused offer to generate a floodgate of demand so you get better clients and can charge higher fees.

Lack of a core concept is one of the single biggest mistakes consultants, coaches and other expert service providers make. In the first of three parts focused on helping you earn what you’re worth, I explain why and what you can do to find your core concept for better offer positioning.

What you’ll learn is:

  • What is a core concept and how it helps your business grow
  • Marketing’s dirty little secret that an expensive distraction
  • Attracting the best clients isn’t about tactics

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