009 How to Find Your Business Sweet Spot

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Are you working in your business sweet spot? If not, then this week’s episode should really help you find it, hone it and position it to attract your perfect people and package a compelling offer.

People often talk about the sweet spot in sports, usually golf, that place where you just seem to get everything right, but what steps can you take to find your business sweet spot?

In this episode, we’ll go through three steps that can help you uncover your business sweet spot and true genius zone for leveraging all you have to offer to your perfect high end consulting clientele.

Because I know that when you get this right, you attract both super-ideal and hyper-responsive clients to you. And ultimately, your strategy calls and sales conversations will also feel both results-focused and authentic.


What you’ll learn:

Resources & support:

The iSuccess Business Academy membership

Leveraged Business Accelerator – 12-week business strategy & mentoring programme

Other mentions:

Louder Than Words: Harness the Power of  Your Authentic Voice – book by Todd Henry

Work Reimagined: Uncover Your Calling – book by Richard Leider

Upwork – outsource freelancers


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