Ep48 Map Out Your High Ticket Group Coaching Program FAST! Part 1 – Planning Your Clients’ Transformational Journey

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Today, I’m kicking off a two-parter focused on creating and running a high ticket group coaching program so you can quickly get yours off the ground fast. So if you’re ready to leverage what you do and scale up your business, then you’re in the right place!

Over the next two episodes, I cover five steps that will help you map out a high-end, premium level group coaching program. And I’m giving away a free workbook from our iSuccess Leveraged Business Accelerator vault, that you can use to work through all the steps and the exercises I talk you through during the episode. I’ve not done this kind of format before – it’s an audio-driven course!

In part 1 here, we look at mapping out the transformational journey you will you’re your clients through – your expert system. Planning any kind of program for a high-end clientele involves time and creativity because you need to think about every little detail of the experience.

Here’s what we cover: