024 How to Hire the Right Virtual Assistant and Use Outsourcing Strategies for Leveraged Business Growth
– Interview with Selina Johnson

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In this episode, I talk with Selina Johnson, founder of the VA agency Selina&Co, where we spill the beans on how to hire the right virtual assistant (VA) and lots more outsourcing do’s and don’ts.

Hiring a VA is probably one of the best investments you can make in your business. It’s a key part of the SCALE model I talk about in my book as a way to build more leverage into your business. Having people in place who play a supporting role in your operations or do work that isn’t in your wheelhouse (marketing, graphic design, copywriting etc) will free up your time to do the complex, high-end consulting or coaching work.

So, we’re exploring why, how and when to hire a VA so you don’t waste money or time getting it wrong and how to get yourself organised for a successful transition to managing a team. Because when you systematise your key operational processes, you augment both your solo work and the effectiveness of a team-based model for growth.

When you get hiring VAs right, the business gains are momentous. Benefits are an increase in quality and efficiency, because day-to-day stuff runs like clockwork by people who are good at those tasks and can keep a firm handle on marketing as well as standards and customer experience. 

What you’ll learn: 


outsourcing strategies how to hire the right VA

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Tools mentioned:

  • Lastpass.com
  • Toggle.com
  • Loom.com
  • Zapier.com

See also Your Leveraged Roadmap chapter 7 in Jay’s book Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age that draws together points made about outsourcing and use of VAs mentioned throughout the book.