Ep56 Why Your Sales Funnel Leaks and What To Do About It to Increase Business Profits

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Today we’re talking sales funnels! That is, the process by which your ideal client or customer finds you and follows a process of getting to know you, like you and trust you, enough to decide to work with you and buy from you.

For any business owner, an online sales funnel is probably the most important marketing tool you have. Even if you’re B2B, you still need a sales process to find leads and nurture a trusting relationship.

With so much of what we do going digital, our previous in-person methods of finding clients are less reliable. And yet many consultants, coaches and practitioners – both new and established in business – have a rather loose sales process and often a vague understanding of what a funnel is or how it works. That’s what we’ll look at in today’s episode.

There are lots of words bandied about to do with sales funnels: landing pages, opt-ins, squeeze pages, list building, sales letters, sales systems, email campaigns. And they are all pieces of a sales funnel. But it can be confusing which pieces you really need and how to get them working optimally.

As you can imagine, failing to fully understand this critical part of your customer’s journey, and how they ultimately get to know, like and trust you, means fewer sales, lower profits, and ultimately, an un-leveraged business.

So to get us thinking, I’ll start off by explaining why a sales funnel is important, talk through a simple funnel and how it works, including three pages every funnel must have – and what to put on them. And then for those of you who already have a marketing and sales process in place, we’ll turn to look at leaky funnels and how to fix them.

Do you maybe have a leaky sales funnel? What part of your sales process are you stuck on?

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