022 How Your Professional Identity Can Make or Break Marketing a High End Offer

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Marketing a high end offer is closely linked to how you position yourself and attract clients to you. As a consultant, coach or other service provider selling your expertise directly to the marketplace, your professional identity is core to your success in business. 

However, what a lot of consultants, coaches and service providers experience when they start a business is nothing short of an identity crisis. After a long and varied career, many of us find it SO hard to pin down what we’re all about. Yet, this is a core piece of the marketing puzzle.

If you’re feeling like a bit of a generalist or crafting a new kind of offer and want to get more clarity on this core dimension of marketing a high-end offer, tune in. These are all situations I’ve been in, seen others struggle with and helped my clients through.

And that’s what we’re tackling today on the show. In this episode, we dive into the big question of professional identity – the fusion between personal and business branding, it can be the missing link between marketing and making sales.  

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