Episode 067
Nailing A Simple Online Learning Design and Evaluation Plan for Your Course or Program

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In this episode, we dive into the question of how we can deliver really worthwhile learning online, how to map out your online program design and how to measure it’s achieving the learning outcomes you promise for your participants.

If you’re not in the information product business, how you can build a course or program that provides high quality interaction, great participation and space for application and reflection. Because this is how real transformation happens for your students or clients.

First, some introduction, then we’ll go through five steps, and there’s a worksheet below that you can download.

  • STEP 1 – The Goals Statement
  • STEP 2 – The Outcomes
  • STEP 3 – The Experience
  • STEP 4 – The Measures
  • STEP 5 – The Wins

Then we’ll finish up by reviewing technology to support the learning design and some final reflections on how to pre-test the design makes sense.


Grab the free 5-Step Worksheet to map out a simple online learning design and evaluation plan