054 Who Moved My Clients! Navigating Change in Business Success to Reimagine, Energise and Streamline Business Growth

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The current times have changed an awful lot of things, right. And it’s thrown a few people who are finding it hard to find the right routes to success in the new territory.

Today we’re talking about change, change in the world around us, change in what people want, change in our thinking and in our working habits. Not change for the sake of it, but change that enables and empowers.

For some these are major changes both wanted and unwanted – job moves, relationship changes, business pivots. All of these things impact our time, motivation and energy.

In the episode title, I’m taking liberty on a famous parable and book, Who Moved My Cheese, to explore who moved my clients. For our purposes in business, cheese represents what we consider success – getting and working with clients whether for income, influence or impact, or all three!

Through the pandemic, things have shifted substantially for businesses as they have for our lives, so you won’t find clients in the same places or the same way you used to find them. The truth is though, clients and customers haven’t disappeared, they’ve just moved.

The question is: when you really start to notice that the cheese has moved, that you can’t find clients the same way you used to find them, what do you do about it? And that’s what we’ll look at in this very brief episode.

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