Ep39 Leveraging Your Value Proposition to Attract More Clients – Part 2 Packaging Irresistible Offers for a Global Audience

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Have you ever put a website or sales page together, heck even created a new service or program, put your best show on in terms of visible value you put out into the world and then at the point of making your offer, you get little engagement, and no sales whatsoever?

Last week, in part 1 of this two-part series on leveraging your value proposition, we talked about creating visible value in terms of your positioning in the marketplace. And today, we’ll dive into packaging irresistible offers that deliver tangible results and appeal to a global target market.

If you’re scratching your head how to leverage your expertise through new products or programs, tune in. I’ll be explaining how a compelling message and irresistible content helps you drive your lead generation and build a targeted list.

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Jay’s book ‘Leveraged Consulting in the Digital Age