052 One Year of Podcasting Success – Highlights, Lessons Learned and What Next

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This episode is one that we have been waiting for, for literally a year because this is our one-year anniversary episode. Come join me as I talk about a year of podcasting from kick off to what next… and my big announcement.

As we celebrate the show’s one year anniversary, marking the 52nd episode, I’m reflecting on the whole journey so far – from how I got started to how it’s going so far. I share how success metrics can either bring us joy or torture us, and how growth happens when we lean into our passion and expertise, when we’re consistent, and when we don’t give up when things get tough, and we keep on doing it.

With all the success of big names with big numbers that we see in the media, in the days of social influencing mavericks, and seeing TV personalities turn into business brands online, we can sometimes feel insecure about our own contribution.

My share today is a reminder that who you are and the value you bring to each individual you touch with your content and support is way more important than all these social proofs and playing the numbers game.

I just want to say thank you to those who have been listening over the last year, following along, sharing your feedback and asking questions, I love it!

With so much movement towards online and digital, the marketplace is what we make it. Don’t wait for your life to start again, don’t wait for your business to pick up. There are things everyone can do in the short term to get momentum and build for long term success. 

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