Episode 63
Ten Steps to Successful Brand Positioning for Consultants to Showcase Your Expertise

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Successful brand positioning is all about your credibility as an expert and sharing something of yourself too. In the digital marketplace, both are the key to a growing business.

Businesses stay afloat when they gain years of experience and build their credibility with their audience. When people buy or hire, they don’t always go for the cheapest – customers are pretty discerning, they want value for money, and a brand they can trust.

When you add in some thought leadership and promote yourself through education rich content, you claim expert status in your chosen niche. For some, this definitely requires a fundamental shift in mindset, and the way I approached it is from a place of generosity to put my ideas out there, embracing the whole notion of ‘sharing is caring’, rather than secrecy to protect your intellectual property.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your zone of genius and become specialised
  • Challenge your own assumptions and manage negative self-talk
  • Create your own brand story
  • Create a professional media bio
  • Pick the perfect pictures
  • Engage in your best audience spaces
  • And more!

Becoming slightly famous is pretty important for marketing online – don’t be your industry’s best kept secret. You don’t have to be all over social media or in the press. Even if you just get a little bit more visible, it starts to position yourself and your brand in the target market you wish to serve.


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Free 10 Steps to Successful Brand Positioning Checklist – get your do’s and don’ts in check!