Ep42 Building a Turnkey Client Acquisition Process That Works for Your Business

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Today I’m diving deeper into the three business systems we outlined last week to give you a range of examples in each one that will help you build a turnkey client acquisition process that really fits your specific business.

If you’re not earning that six-figure salary you deserve, chances are one or more of these systems are lacking, which compromises your entire business process for client acquisition.

When you start with implementing one method for each one that plays to your strengths and preferences, it really helps you focus and avoid that overwhelming feeling and stress of juggling too many things.

In this episode, I’m sharing example methods and encourage you to pick one from each so you can quickly identify the best turnkey client acquisition system for you. As you listen, think about which will fit you best, appeal to your target market and suit your business the most. And then next week we’ll look a simple way to track what’s working.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Discovery Systems that Engage Your Ideal Prospects
  • Relationship Systems that Nurture, Educate and Demonstrate
  • Sales Systems that Enrol Your Best Clients and Generate Revenue
  • Aligning Systems into a Turnkey Business Process
  • Going Beyond Six Figures.


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